Psychological test – What do you see in the picture?

Psychologists believe that a person is determined by how he perceives reality. Our subconscious mind keeps a lot of hidden possibilities, secrets and mysteries. Are you ready to solve one of them and learn something interesting about yourself? Then let’s get started!

Instructions! Take a close look at this optical illusion and tell me, what did you see first?

Colady illustration
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So you saw …

A woman

If in an optical illusion you see a bent over woman, it means that at the moment you are experiencing a lack of internal resources. You are probably tired and in need of rest. It is also possible that at this moment in your life you are dealing with an energy vampire or simply a toxic person who “sucks” your energy.

Advice: Filter the people around you. Don’t let rude people and boors waste your time and spoil your mood.

Also, a lack of internal resources can be associated with overstrain of the brain. Perhaps now you are puzzling over some important life task. In any case, in such a mental state, you cannot find the right solution. So take a break!

Colady illustration


Oh, the skull seen in this optical illusion indicates your complete readiness for action! Chances are, you have something important and exciting at stake. But you are collected and determined. Keep it up!

Advice: You often act impulsively, but this does not always play into your hands. Learn to control the flow of your emotions so you don’t make a mistake.

You are a born leader. The people around you see you as a mentor and patron. Don’t push away those who need your help. Strength of spirit and responsibility are given to you for a reason. Learn to feel joy by donating your inner resources for free. For example, share your valuable experiences when asked, express your sincere sympathy, etc.

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