How to wean your baby from diapers quickly and without stress – 3 methods of weaning from diapers

When you can wean your baby from diapersDiapers first appeared in the distant 60s as a means of making it easier for mom to work. Moreover, not in a round-the-clock mode, but only for specific periods of time (cases) when you can’t do without them. In Russia, mothers began to actively use diapers about 20 years ago, and to this day, diapers are an integral part of the family budget of all young parents.

How long?

How long will it take to buy diapers, and is there a way to quickly “transplant” a toddler from diapers to a pot?

The content of the article:

  1. How to understand that the time has come to part with a diaper?
  2. Three methods of weaning a baby from a diaper during the day
  3. How to teach a baby to sleep without a diaper?

The best age for weaning a child from a diaper – how to know when the time has come?

Normally, babies by the age of 3-4 should wake up dry and go to the potty.

But the widespread and round-the-clock use of diapers has led today to the fact that cases of enuresis are noted more and more in children over 5 years old.

How harmful diapers are – the second question, but today we will figure out the question – at what age is it time to tie with them and how to do it as painlessly as possible.

Video: How to wean a child from diapers and teach to potty – Dr. Komarovsky

How do you know when it’s time to wean off diapers?

Newborn the crumbs are not able to keep the urge to urinate – after filling the latter by more than half, a “wet thing” reflexively occurs.

For a baby up to a year neither the brain nor the nervous system is yet responsible for the excretory system of the body.

And only from 18 months control over the work of the rectum and bladder appears. It is from this age that it makes sense to start the painstaking work of giving up diapers. Before a year and a half, this makes no sense. Naturally, the child must “mature” himself, so that the mother does not work alone, and the “cooperation” is effective.

It is worth noting that the kids 6 months are old enough to withstand a dry “pause” for a maximum of 3 hours. The final control of the child over the bladder appears to 3-4 years old, and by this age there should no longer be wet tights either at night or during the day.

Summing up, we can say that the ideal age for replanting crumbs on a pot and giving up diapers is 18-24 months.

How to understand that the baby is “ripe”?

  1. Urination occurs at specific intervals. That is, there is a certain “regimen” (for example, after sleep, after eating, after a walk).
  2. The baby is able to take off his pants himself.
  3. The baby informs the parents when he wants to go small (or in a big way) – with gestures, sounds, etc.
  4. The child understands the words write / poop / potty.
  5. A toddler shows dissatisfaction with an overflowing or soiled diaperas well as wet tights.
  6. The diapers are kept dry regularly even after 2-3 hours of wearing.
  7. The child is interested in the potty, constantly sits down on him, and also puts his toys on him.
  8. The child constantly pulls off the diaper or actively protests against wearing it.

If you notice these signs of another stage of growing up in your baby, then you can gradually put the diapers in the closet.

How to wean your baby from diapers quickly and without stress - 3 methods of weaning from diapers

Three methods of weaning a baby from a diaper during the day – follow the instructions of experienced mothers!

Do not rush to immediately give the diapers to neighbors or friends! The process of getting rid of them will be long and difficult, so please be patient and find the best way for yourself to help you and your baby go through this stage quickly and painlessly.

  • Method number 1. We stock up on tights (approx. – 10-15 pieces) and diapers, and also choose the most chic pot that the little one will like. Tights should not be too tight and without tight elastic bands so that the baby can take them off on his own. Introduce the baby to the pot, tell him what to do with it and how. Sit the child on a pot – let him try out a new device. In the morning, put on the baby tights and plant them on the pot every half hour. If the child has described himself, do not change the tights right away – wait 5-7 minutes until the baby himself feels that walking in wet pants is completely uncomfortable. Then take off, wash the child and put on the following tights. As a rule, it is this method that allows you to abandon diapers in a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Method number 2. We unlearn diapers through a positive example! Usually, children love to parrot and repeat every word and movement after older children. If your child has older brothers or sisters who already understand the tasks of the pot, then the process of getting rid of diapers will go faster. And if you go to a kindergarten or nursery, it will be even easier to do this – in such a children’s team, planting on a pot takes place regularly, and getting used to new good habits – quickly and without whims.
  • Method number 3. All means are good! If there are no older brothers / sisters, do not worry – use a playful way. Each crumb has favorite toys – robots, dolls, teddy bears, and so on. Plant them in mini pots! And invite the child to sit next to the toys. It will be great if the pots of toys are not empty after such planting – for heightened effect. The ideal option is a large baby doll with a pot that can write (they are inexpensive today, and you can even spend money for such a thing).

All of these methods are good for giving up diapers. in the daytime

Do not forget to ask the child more often about his intention to grumble on the pot, do not rush to change wet pants, use gauze diapers if you are tired of removing puddles.

As for walking, take 2-3 sets of changeable pants with you if it’s summer outside. In the rest of the seasons, it is recommended to wear diapers so as not to chill the child. Experts advise starting the rejection of diapers in early summer.

And do not forget about the mood of the crumbs! If the baby is naughty, do not press on him, wait a day or two.

Weaning a baby from a night diaper, or how to teach a baby to sleep without a diaper?

One morning, the little one (already familiar with the pot!) Wakes up, and his mother happily informs him that he has grown (you can even celebrate this day with a festive breakfast), and all the diapers became small for him, so they had to be returned to the store (or given to small children ). From now on, you have only a pot at your disposal.

Video: How to wean a child from diapers at night?

Be patient – at first it will be difficult, because in a dream the kids are still poorly controlled.

Ideally, if your little one has a clear sleep and nutrition regime – in this case, it will be much easier to teach him to sleep without diapers, because urination occurs, as a rule, “by the clock.”

And also if you have already gone through the path of weaning from diapers in the daytime.

We act in the same way – just do not forget about the rules:

  • We are not in a hurry, we are not looking at neighbors and friends! Each family has its own experience! If one child sits down on the potty at 10 months and by the age of one and a half, even after the night, wakes up dry, then it can be hard for another at 3 years old. Therefore, focus on the readiness of your child to weaning from diapers.
  • Don’t be a tyrant. Only start when the child is ready.
  • Limiting fluid intake before bed.
  • If the baby tosses and turns in a dream, whimpers, wakes up – we plant it on a pot.
  • Before putting it in the crib, we plant it on the pot.
  • Immediately after waking up, we plant it on a pot. Regardless – the toddler woke up wet or not.
  • Have a set of extra underwear, pajamas and wet wipes ready. If you drag the child to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then you will have to put it again for a long time. It is recommended to place the chamber pot side by side. If the child is already climbing out of bed on his own, then he will quickly master the pot and will himself find it at night near the crib.
  • Be sure to leave a night light. Not bright – with soft and diffused light.
  • Form a causal relationship. The baby should remember about the pot as soon as the urge to urinate appears. And do not make it easier for him to sleep at night – the child must remember that it is unpleasant to sleep in wet diapers.
  • Find an oilcloth that won’t cool down too quickly after a wet case. Ordinary medical oilcloths are very cold. There are children’s versions of oilcloths, on which the priest will not freeze immediately after the “accident”.
  • Stick to your plan. If you have started giving up diapers, do not stray from the path. Yes, there will be sleepless nights, a lot of washing and nerves, but the result will be a reward for both you and your baby. And he will not keep himself waiting long, if everything is done correctly.

And most importantly – praise your child for dry pants and dry bed. Let the little one remember how you can please mom.

What can not be done categorically?

  1. Putting a child on a potty if he resists, is not in the mood, and so on. Dictation will not help here, but will only exacerbate the problem and delay getting rid of diapers.
  2. Scold the baby for wet pants and bed. Mother’s tantrums after such wet “accidents” will lead to child’s neurosis and enuresis, which will have to be treated even longer. There is no need to shout, shame the child, set the example of more “successful” neighbors’ children, take out on the child your anger for your lack of sleep.
  3. Putting the baby to bed. If you don’t want to look for articles in a year or two on the topic “how to wean a child from sleeping with his parents,” teach your child to immediately sleep in his crib. To make him comfortable to fall asleep in it – create favorable conditions (design, night light, toys, lullaby, family ritual before bedtime – bathing-fairy tale-mother’s kiss, etc.).
  4. Wear a diaper in the middle of the night if you are tired of changing pants and diapers. Giving up positions is a disastrous path. Self-discipline of the child appears only with the self-discipline of the parents.
  5. Set the alarm clock and pull the child out of bed onto the potty every 2-3 hours.

According to statistics and medical research, the formation of a habit takes, on average, 21 days.

It may take your baby a little longer. Or maybe vice versa – you can do it in a week.

The main thing is the right atmosphere, your love for the baby – and, of course, patience.

Have you had similar situations? And how did you wean your child from diapers? Share your valuable parenting experience in the comments below!

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