Fitball for babies – benefits, how to choose a fitball for babies

Each mother chooses how to deal with her baby. Given the high responsibility for the health of the child, you can only trust your own opinion and experience, and study everything new thoroughly. Recently you heard about effective exercises, and we have already collected objective information about fitball for babies.

Fitball is the most fun, humane and wise exercise machine for children, and there are many reasons for such a high rank.

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The benefits of fitball for babies

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10 facts about the benefits of a fitball for newborns – how are fitball exercises useful for a baby?

  1. Against colic
    Gentle swinging on the ball and pressure on the tummy relax the tense abdominal muscles. It improves intestinal activity, relieves constipation and reduces colic.
    The benefits of fitball for newborns
  2. Develops coordination
    Cozy swinging in different directions develops the vestibular apparatus and forms correct coordination from an early age.
  3. Relieves flexor hypertonicity
    Exercise relaxes various muscle groups. It can be used to treat and prevent hypertension, which occurs in most newborns.
  4. Reduces pain
    Vibration – as a kind of physiotherapy, has a mild analgesic effect.
  5. Strengthens the body
    Fitball harmoniously develops the musculoskeletal system and strengthens all muscle groups, especially around the spinal column. And this, after all, prevents a violation of posture in childhood.
    The benefits of fitball for babies
  6. Soothes
    Passive movements for young children remind them of the prenatal period in their mother’s tummy. This reduces postpartum stress and makes it easier to adapt to new conditions.
  7. Improves blood circulation and breathing
    Like any physical activity, fitball exercises improve the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  8. Increases endurance
    As they grow up, the baby learns new, more complex exercises on fitball.
  9. Causes joy and interest in the baby
    Such a useful toy plays an important role in the emotional development of the child.
    The benefits of fitball for newborns
  10. Strengthens muscles and reduces weight for Mom
    During the exercises, the mother also has to perform some movements that improve the posture and figure of the assistant.

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How to choose a fitball for babies – size, quality, where to buy a fitball for a baby?

  • The correct fitball size for babies is 60 – 75 cm. This ball can be used for the whole family. It is comfortable to sit and jump on it not only for children, but also for adults.
    How to choose the right fitball ball for newborns
  • Optimum elasticity. Having pressed on the ball, the hand should easily bounce off it, but not go inside.
  • Not thin and pliable. If you pinch the ball, then it should not wrinkle or have small folds.
  • Strength. The functionality of the fitball depends on it, so choose balls made of high-strength rubber for a load of 300 kg or more.
  • Seams should not be visible or perceptible during exercise.
  • The nipple must be soldered insideso as not to cling to carpet, skin, or clothing.
    How to choose the right fitball ball for newborns
  • Antistatic effect makes it easier to handle the surface of the ball after exercise and prevents small debris from sticking during exercise.
  • Hypoallergenic composition protects against harmful impurities of unknown origin.
  • The porous surface will be warm, not slippery, but also not sticky. This is important for comfortable exercise on the fitball.
  • Signature ball colorsusually in natural, metallic or translucent shades. While among the fakes, acid colors prevail.
  • Famous brands producing the highest quality balls: TOGU (made in Germany), REEBOK and LEDRAPLASTIC (made in Italy). It is necessary to buy a ball for practicing with a newborn not in random stores, not in the market, but in specialized departments sporting goods, or health products, where sellers can provide you with everything documents confirming the quality and safety of the fitball for babies that you are about to buy.

How to choose the right fitball ball for newborns
Most kids love fitball very much., so the question – what is the use of fitball – disappears by itself.

Cheerful kid and happy mom open many interesting and enjoyable exercises, turning usual activities into an exciting and positive game.

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