How to wear cargo pants to look stylish

Everything new, as you know, is a well-forgotten old: army boots, overalls and even hairpins. A lot of them are ’90s trends, so cargo pants seem to be in fashion again.

You probably remember them very well: wide legs and large patch pockets. Of course, they have undergone quite a few changes and updates to be modern enough for 2020. What are the rules for cargo pants now, so as not to look old-fashioned?

1. Add color with tie-dye clothes


If you really want your look with cargo pants to be the squeak of 2020, focus on the tie-dye, that is, the special color of the fabric dyeing with stains. A shirt, a bag, a face mask – anything will do. The tie-dye is guaranteed to make any outfit look fashionable.

2. Try smooth thin skin


Do you think cargo pants are a bit rude for your style? Try a model in smooth leather or faux leather. Thin fabric adds femininity to a sexless silhouette – but don’t be afraid of bright colors and wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves to such cargo.

3. Combat boots are ideal

Army boots

The combination of army boots and cargo pants is unrivaled. But when these pants are tapered to the ankle and the boots come with wide (and medium heels), this combination looks chic and sophisticated. And put on a short sheepskin coat on top.

4. Unexpected and bold style

An unexpected and bold cut

Experiment and wear two-tone pants. The trick here is to keep the rest of your outfit very simple – a white T-shirt and discreet shoes. In this bow, the emphasis is on only and only cargo pants.

5. Sweatpants can be cool too

Sports trousers

Choose a trendy jersey cargo pants silhouette to add style to your shopping trips. If you complement these pants with cool sneakers and a baseball cap, no one will even suspect that you are wearing indoor clothes on the way out.

6. Pants with wide legs

Wide leg trousers

While technically just wide leg pants with a large patch pocket, they still fit into the cargo pants category. By the way, this model looks chic in combination with a plaid jacket and simple black boots.

7.With knitted sweater

With knitted sweater

Cargo pants can be worn with a striking floral or abstract sweater. Don’t like such bright spots? Then test out non-standard color combinations – for example, green or brown cargo with bright purple or dark blue tops.

8. Cargo jumpsuit

Jumpsuit cargo

Try a solid color jumpsuit with lots of pockets, but don’t forget to complement your look with some glamorous accessories like heeled ankle boots or a throw-away purse. If you’re worried about getting lost under this loose silhouette, wear a plain T-shirt or turtleneck under your jumpsuit.

9. Show flirty ankles


The cropped cut of the cargo pants looks graceful. And also these trousers are combined with shoes with heels, a turtleneck and a short leather jacket. This is the most real glamor, but in moderation.

10. Add something leopard print

Add something leopard

No matter how you feel about a leopard, such a print is really neutral – and this outfit is proof of that. The speckled blazer looks very understated when paired with a simple tee and cargo pants.

11. Make up the costume yourself


This makeshift costume is definitely not for everyone. All you need is cargo pants and an oversized blazer. Preferably leather. Add a white tee and voila, you’ve got a very original look.

12. Add sophistication with a white shirt

Add sophistication

You will need: cargo pants with a bright print, a long snow-white button-down shirt and slingback shoes. An absolutely balanced outfit that’s hard to find fault with!

13. Tuck up the edges of the cargo pants

the edges of the cargo pants

Do you think your cargo pants are too long? Don’t rush to carry them to the tailor, just roll up and make improvised cuffs. This option looks very cute in combination with open shoes with straps.

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