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Today Vladimir Markoni has become a new participant in the “50 Questions” show. In an interview, the star talked about why he left Channel One, how Comment Out appeared, why he jokes so hard and how he became the host of the Galileo children’s educational program.

Leaving Evening Urgant

Marconi has been in the media space for a long time, but not so long ago he was known only in narrow circles. Simply because I mostly sat on the other side of the cell, being, as he calls himself, a “hack”. He came up with jokes, projects … and other people voiced them.

Vladimir Marconi
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So it was in the Evening Urgant: for the project, Vladimir did a lot of things, and on the screens he appeared extremely rarely, in only a few headings. However, the man is satisfied even with this. He compares his success to the fact that if earlier he seemed to perform somewhere in the outback in a hall for 50 people, then on Channel One he felt like on the Olympic stage – even if his performance took only a minute from a long concert.

There was stability in Evening Urgant – and this, as you know, is very boring for a creative person. Marconi decided to move on, and just in time he received a new proposal.

“I left Evening Urgant before Comment Out. I was sitting in Evening Urgant, writing jokes, filming headings, and then an offer came from the CHE! to make the show “Jokers”, – the celebrity shares.

The man doubted and pondered for a long time, but in the end he decided that he would always have time to sit in the office. Marconi ventured further up the career ladder. At first, he worked with Channel One remotely, studying headings from home, and then left for good – but on a positive note. Until now, he often calls up with Ivan Urgant and other colleagues, and sometimes visits them live in the Ostankino tower.

How the show was conceived Comment Out: “How much strength, apathy”

Leaving Channel One, Vladimir got the idea to create his own project. But everything was not so simple: more than one month passed before one of the most resonant shows in Russia, called “Comment Out”, was born.

“Of course, it wasn’t invented on the first try. A bunch of pilots have been written and filmed. Do you know how much effort was invested before, how much apathy was there? When you’re just like, “That’s it, I’m not capable of anything, nothing will work.” But then you sit down and come up with ideas anyway, ”admits Marconi.

Vladimir Marconi 2
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Participation in the VKontakte festival helped the comedian to come to the right idea. There he had to approach celebrities and interview them in a humorous manner. But Vladimir considered this idea too old and hackneyed, and invited the organizers to play a game with the star guests. And in the process of playing, he felt that yes, this is what he was going for so long.

Vladimir Marconi 3
Photo @ vovapcdonail

Photo @ vovapcdonail

“For a moment I put the idea aside, then painted it up, then with the guys from Chicken Curry we finished it up a bit, and it worked!”– said Marconi. He separately expressed his gratitude to Ivan Dorn and Zhenya Kulik, who believed in the project and agreed to take part in the very first edition.

About hard jokes: “We are not afraid to pronounce the side of evil in the show, so that the good triumphs”

Recently, a big scandal erupted with the show “Comment Out”, and a wave of hate hit their creators Vladimir Marconi and Alexander Gudkov. The thing is that usually the participants have to write comments to the stars “on the topic of the day”, or to carry out a punishment that is completely different in terms of topics from the commentary.

But in the episode with Lolita and Yura Muzychenko, the second got both cards with the task of writing sharp jokes about the opposition in Belarus. The singer made a scandal and refused to perform the actions – and this is the first time in the history of the show! As a sanction, the man had to drink a laxative.

And the organizers and scriptwriters of the program, the public forced more than once to apologize for their oversight.

“In“ Comment Out ”we always give people the opportunity to choose, but with Yura Muzychenko there was a fatal coincidence of two not taking. We drew conclusions so that this does not happen in the future. We wrote about it, I wrote about it on my Instagram, and I hope that people who perceived everything ambiguously, at least heard our point of view. We apologized for the fact that we could offend someone with this release, but with this radically and in our actionist style, we wanted to show that we really care about it. We are not afraid to pronounce the evil side in the show, so that the good triumphs. And not like everyone else on Instagram: the flag was posted, like “I’m with you!”

Vladimir Marconi 4
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He believes that this is the point of the show: through jokes, draw the audience’s attention to important topics, expand the boundaries of humor and morality. And the scriptwriters are constantly doing everything to ensure that the project remains poignant, relevant and discussed.

“The show is based on exploding the information field. But when people started to read like: “Oh, this is probably written within the framework of“ Comment Out ”, I had to open such new facets … And, of course, when we get into the news – and recently it was also television news, including, not only online publications – we understand that this is an entertaining, noticeable show. This is exactly what we were trying to achieve, ”says Volodya with pride.

How did it happen that Marconi is the host of Galileo?

Vladimir has a reputation for being a tough but funny adult comedian. You certainly don’t expect to see him as a presenter of a children’s educational program! But, as we already know, anything can be expected from this person.

The actor got to the program almost by accident, but was pleased with the result:

“When we did this program, I felt like I was doing a new round. It was great! .. In “Galileo” I was called by the producer of the STS channel Fatya. She called and said: “Volodya, we know you, we appreciate you, we love you, we have invited you to our entertainment programs more than once as a participant, and now you’ll be the host.”

Vladimir Marconi 5
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After learning what show his name was for, Marconi agreed immediately, being shocked. Now, even laughing, he regrets that he did not take the time to think in order to increase his worth and act like a “real star”. But what’s done is done. The guys got down to content production right away. They didn’t think about the hate or the costs – they just did it.

Vladimir Marconi 6
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Many were worried that the new presenter might not be accepted – after all, for many years the program was led by Alexander Pushnoy, and not everyone might be ready for new faces. But as a result of the joker, the audience fell in love! “The ratings are amazing,” said the man.

“All the time when I was single, I was not happy”

After talking a lot about work, the interviewer returned to what really matters – happiness. Outside the set, Marconi is not only a successful and wealthy man, but also an exemplary family man, a loving husband and father of two.

Is he happy with this? Yes! “On a scale of one to ten, it’s an eight for sure. And, probably, even 9 “, – Vova assessed his level of happiness.

Vladimir Marconi 7
Vladimir Marconi with his wife and eldest daughter

When asked about his thoughts about betrayal, the stand-up comedian answered with a categorical “No”. He can’t even think about other girls – he won’t even look at Kendall Jenner:

“I think that a relationship without cheating is real. If you are happy, and if you have enough physical pleasure, moral, psychological, then it is real. “

Vladimir Marconi 8
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In his free time, the artist worries about the future of his children and pampers his wife in every possible way. On significant dates, he writes great posts on Instagram with a declaration of love to his wife. If on the screens Vladimir Marconi sometimes looks soulless, then in life he is loyal, generous and caring.

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