Correct weight loss by body type – diet and weight loss rules

Basic body types - nutritional and training rules for everyoneExhausting workouts every week, exhausting diets, dietary supplements and drinks for weight loss – what methods and tools are not used by a woman for losing weight. And all is in vain – the extra kilograms “dead weight” stick out under the favorite dress and hang over the belt.

Why? Maybe you missed something important?

For example, your body type, on which the choice of diets and workouts largely depends …

The content of the article:

  1. How to determine your body type correctly?
  2. Exomorph nutrition and training
  3. Weight loss rules for mesomorph
  4. How to lose weight and gain muscle endomorph?

Basic body types – how to determine your body type correctly?

The shapes and sizes of the body are different for everyone.

But, in general, they can be divided into 3 main body types, according to which you should choose a specific weight loss program.

Basic body types - nutritional and training rules for everyone

The main thing is not to concentrate on destroying every extra centimeter, but to strictly follow the rules, gradually restoring harmony and beauty to your body.

Moreover, for some girls (of a certain physique, for example, with a “skinny fat” figure), strong weight loss is contraindicated.

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And what exactly do you need – to lose excess, or to increase the mass?

It depends on your body type, which can be determined by certain signs:

  1. Ectomorph. A girl with a figure of this type is distinguished by pronounced thinness, long limbs, anemicity and poorly developed muscles. The girth of the wrist is up to 17 cm. Most often, it is these ladies who are labeled “skinny fat” – that is, a thin woman with flabby muscles and lack of body relief. Such girls practically do not gain weight due to their rapid metabolism (“I eat what I want and don’t get fat”), but fat still tends to accumulate where it is not necessary, and the lack of training and muscle mass leads to the fact that the beach in one swimsuit is scary and embarrassing.
  2. Mesomorph. These beauties easily build muscle mass and are distinguished by the proportionality of their figures. Posture is usually even, the torso is long, the wrist girth is 17-20 cm, the general impression is that she is an athlete and just a beauty. They lose weight as quickly as they gain weight.
  3. Endomorph. Soft, round and mouth-watering girls who easily (regardless of their desire) accumulate excess fat. This body type usually has difficulty in controlling fat levels. Wrist circumference – over 20 cm.

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Effective weight loss rules for an ectomorphic body type

The most important thing for girls with an “ectomorph” figure is building muscle mass, regular strength training, and proper nutrition.

Nutrition rules:

  • We use only high-quality fats, don’t forget about complex carbohydrates.
  • We eat 4-5 times a day.
  • An additional morning snack on days without training is given to the enemy.
  • Be sure to eat before bedtime. For example, a glass of kefir and fruit.
  • The diet should consist of high-calorie food (about 2500 Kcal / day), which should not slip past or be deposited in the buttocks, but pass into muscle mass.
  • Diet: 20% fat + 25% protein + 50% carbohydrates.
  • We focus on sports nutrition.
  • We use products to increase appetite (garlic, nuts, aromatic spices, etc.).
  • From cereals we choose buckwheat and rice, oatmeal; do not forget about legumes (a source of protein) – peas, beans, etc.
  • To gain weight, we use multivitamins and protein shakes, enzymes, creatine.
  • For better assimilation of nutrients from food, we drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • Half an hour before training, we eat a product that is rich in carbohydrates. For example, a handful of nuts, a couple of tablespoons of honey, or a cup of muesli with milk.

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Training rules:

  1. We focus on strength training – regular, without interruptions.
  2. Cardio exercises – to a minimum. Only as a warm-up or finishing touch to your workout.
  3. Training time – 20 minutes, 3 rubles / day. In the morning – the muscles of the chest and biceps, during the day we work with the shoulders and legs, and in the evening – the triceps and back muscles.
  4. The frequency of classes is every other day. It is impossible to overload the body with ectomorphs (overload slows down the growth of muscle mass).
  5. Before the lesson, a warm-up is required for about 15 minutes.

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Mesomorphic physique – diet, exercise and rules for effective weight loss

Mesomorphs do not have an urgent need for muscle mass, and for people with this type of figure, the main emphasis is on training endurance, burning fat, keeping the body in shape (the latter is the most difficult, considering how difficult it is for mesomorphs to lose “excess”).

Nutrition rules:

  • We track the amount of consumed proteins with amino acids. We use only high-quality fats.
  • The number of calories required per day in this case is calculated by the formula: A (weight in kg) x 30 = norm of Kcal / day.
  • Diet: 60% protein + 25% fat + 15% carbohydrates.
  • Don’t overload on carbohydrates! The body, of course, needs the vigor that carbohydrates provide, but mesomorphs themselves are quite hardy and vigorous.
  • To lose weight, sitting only on fruit or on protein, the mesomorph will not be able to. It is important to create a balanced and varied (!) Diet for yourself.

Video: Body type – mesomorph

Training rules:

  1. We focus on exercises that train endurance. And also on HIIT and plyometrics. Add yoga or Pilates for stretching.
  2. Workouts should be powerful and effective, but short.
  3. Strength training and fast movements contribute to the formation of mesomorph muscles. In particular, pull-ups, squats with a barbell or, for example, sprint running.
  4. Running – 75 min / week. Not more. That is, 3 times 25 minutes each, of which 5 minutes will be spent on warm-up, 15 – on running, and 5 – on “cooling down”.
  5. During training, we monitor the work of the heart.
  6. The ideal option is to combine loads. For example, we train intensively for 4 weeks, and for 1-2 weeks – only light workouts to keep fit.

How to lose weight with an endomorphic body type?

The most difficult thing for an endomorph, as practice shows, is to realize that he is really an endomorph. And come to terms with the idea that weight will always be gaining very quickly.

But put up with it, not lowering your arms, but straightening your shoulders and strictly following a weight loss program… Endomorph metabolism is unforgiving!

Nutrition rules:

  • The most important thing is to speed up your metabolism. That is, all the strength should be thrown into creating a habit – to eat right.
  • The amount of light carbohydrates and fats in the diet is to be kept to a minimum.
  • The emphasis is on “protein” products.
  • We keep under control (this is also important!) The level of sugar and insulin in the blood.
  • On a day without training, we have breakfast lightly and slowly immediately after waking up.
  • We do not eat before training, and immediately after it.
  • Protein from endomorphs is absorbed only by 30%, so it should be taken from sports nutrition.
  • Diet: 60% complex carbohydrates + 30% proteins + 20% fats.
  • Calorie limit per day: A (weight in kg) x 30 = normal Kcal.
  • We eat 7 times / day and little by little.
  • The best food “friends” are legumes, dairy products, chicken fillets and eggs with fish.
  • The norm of complex carbohydrates should be consumed in the 1st half of the day.

Video: How to lose weight and gain muscle for an endomorph?

Training rules:

  1. The emphasis is on reducing fat mass and building muscle.
  2. Charging should become a habit.
  3. We choose HIIT, crossfit and, of course, light endurance exercises.
  4. The main thing in training is to focus on losing weight. Otherwise, no one will simply see your fantastic cubes on your stomach under the folds of fat.
  5. Workout time: 4-5 times / week, of which 3 workouts should include aerobic exercise.
  6. We do not combine all tasks at once in the 1st workout! We train as fractionally as we eat. For example, today we train the chest and shoulders, tomorrow – the legs, the day after tomorrow – the press.
  7. We train twice a day, working out basic exercises in the morning, and devoting the evening to training one muscle group.

Of course, in addition to the type of physique, you should focus on other factors.

Necessarily check with your coach and don’t forget to listen to your own body and its potential. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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