Illusion test – what did you see first?

Psychologists and psychotherapists have long noticed that, depending on the current neuropsychic state, a person sees a certain object in illusion tests. It is not surprising that the same person at different times can see completely different images in one illusion.

Bologny’s editors have prepared an interesting test illusion for you.

Tell me, what did you see in it: a waterfall or girls? The answer will show your current psycho-emotional state.

Psychological test-illusion What did you see
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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Psychological test illusion.  What did you see: the waterfall or the girls?

Did you see the girls

At the moment, your mind is calm. You are not shouldering a huge burden of responsibility that you have to carry alone. Even if you are worried, this practically does not affect your mental system (pressure does not “jump”, migraines do not bother).

You are in a relatively comfortable state of mind.

You have many talents. Creativity is developed. Has a good artistic taste. You are a concentrated and considerate person.

Did you see the waterfall

You are mentally exhausted. Someone or something negatively affects your mental health. You are in confusion and apathy for a long time. You are very anxious. Are in an anxious emotional state. You are in dire need of rest. Your psyche must switch to something, otherwise you will continue to “gnaw” yourself.

You may not be able to get out of a stressful state. Keep your mind tense at all times. Afraid of something, programming yourself for the worst outcome. Do not forget that we ourselves are modeling our own reality, so filter the emotions that arise in yourself. Don’t let negative thoughts have a fundamental effect on you.

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