Mindfulness Morning Practices for Women – How to Start Your Day

“Every morning is a chance to start life anew” (P. Coelho).

Morning is the most precious time of the day. The time when you can forget about the hustle and bustle of days, let go of thoughts and problems, be alone with yourself, be filled with energy for the whole day.

But how does a modern woman’s morning go?

Most of us jump out of bed in a hurry, because we have already changed the alarm 10 times. They quickly put themselves in order, feed the children, send them to school and rush to work themselves. Sound familiar?

Life on the machine – this statement can increasingly be heard today from psychologists, coaches, forums and conferences on personal growth and self-development. The squirrel-in-the-wheel regime has become the scourge of the modern woman.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, women forget about their real selves, about why they came to this land. They forget about the state of relaxation, about life in a stream, about femininity, about love for all living things, about creativity. Forget what it is like to BE A WOMAN.

“Every morning we are born again. And what we do today will be of the greatest importance, ”said Buddha. And it is very important HOW EXACTLY you spend each morning.

How to start your day?

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Often women complain that they have absolutely no time left for themselves. In fact this is not true. Each of us has this time. And it hides in the morning hours. It is in the morning that it is easiest to set aside an hour and a half for yourself.

On my pages, I often talk about why it is important to get up early, and not spend in bed until noon, even if there is an opportunity for this.

And now I want to share my thoughts on how I see the morning of a modern woman. Here are a few easy steps to get you up and ready for the day.

  • Get up an hour earlier than your family, while the house is quiet. Spend this time alone with yourself.
  • A glass of warm water will turn on your intestines and start physiological processes.
  • A small set of exercises will warm up the muscles and give vigor.
  • Meditation will allow you to tune in to a new day, let go of the hustle and bustle of thoughts, and realize the power of the moment.
  • A contrast shower will wash away the remnants of sleep and charge you with positive.
  • You can read a book, fill out a thank you journal, or make plans for the next day.

But, the main thing I want to focus on is energy replenishment. After all, this is so important for us women.

How can a woman be energized?

To help you, I have prepared the easiest-to-follow practices that will help you harmonize your inner state and return to the state of flow.

Practice of Gratitude

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The practice of Gratitude is gratitude for everything that you already have. And for what you dream of.

“When you wake up in the morning, think that you have again received the precious privilege of being alive — breathing, thinking, enjoying, and loving” (M. Aurelius).

This practice does not require any special training. You don’t need to follow a pattern or adhere to certain rules. Listen to your heart.

Thank the Universe sincerely for everything you have. Thank your husband, children, parents, loved ones. Thank your friends, coworkers – everyone you see fit. You can even thank inanimate objects.

By focusing your attention on gratitude, you begin to notice more and more good things around you. This amazing practice magically dispels negativity and misconceptions and brings you back to awareness.

Try to start your morning with this practice, and you will see with what wonderful feelings and energy you will spend your entire day.

How to integrate gratitude into your life?

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In order for gratitude to become a useful habit, follow these simple rules:

  • Give thanks daily

Make it a rule to start your morning with gratitude or end with gratitude for the day ahead.

  • Keep a gratitude journal

It can be a small notebook or a beautiful notebook specially purchased for this occasion. It doesn’t matter where you write your thanks. The main thing is to do it from a pure heart.

  • Practice gratitude in the moment

Take 1-2 minutes throughout the day, start noticing and mentally giving thanks for everything you have. For example, for delicious aromatic tea, for the smile of an unknown passer-by, for the kiss of her husband, for the practice of yoga.

  • Share your gratitude

Thank someone out loud, give a compliment, write a positive review or a thank you letter. The practice of gratitude, like a sincere smile, can be contagious.

The practice of loving kindness

Another practice I want to share with you is the practice of loving-kindness.

This mega-effective Buddhist metta will fill you with light and joy, no matter how difficult the day ahead. Follow her algorithm, and your inner state will come to harmony and peace:

  • Step 1. Sit comfortably, calm down, focus on your breathing.
  • Step 2. Introduce yourself and send yourself love. Feel how good and pleasant you will feel in your soul.
  • Step 3. Remember your parents, send them your love.
  • Step 4. Give your love to those with whom you quarreled or who you do not like. This will free yourself from negative attitudes.
  • Step 5. Transfer your energy of love and kindness to all living beings on this planet. Wish the whole world peace, prosperity and love.
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At every step you will feel more and more fulfilled, love from the whole world will automatically return to you. This will be a great help for a successful day.

Implement these simple practices into your life, start your every day mindfully, and you will learn how to easily replenish your energy resource. So much so that you can also generously share your energy with others.

And let your every morning be kind, fragrant and invigorating! And the whole week is easy, inspired and productive!

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