Nastya Ivleeva broke the world record for views: a shocking broadcast with Timati

On self-isolation, Anastasia Ivleeva decided not to waste time, launching a series of live broadcasts, where she invited stars and performed various tasks with them. The blogger called it “Direct Quarantine 2020”. The guests of the show were Maxim Galkin, Yegor Creed, Ida Galich, Alexander Gudkov, Ilya Prusikin and many others. As part of the show, she even managed to talk with Jared Leto.
Ivleeva and Timati

But two days ago, Anastasia announced that she would abandon this format, despite its popularity, as “it is necessary to leave at the peak”. The TV presenter explained this by the fact that live broadcasts flooded the Internet and ceased to be something unique. The rapper Timati was supposed to be the last guest of the show. He refused to participate for a long time, believing that “Nastya is simply not physically ready for this,” but after numerous requests from subscribers, he agreed.

The stars offered each other to complete the most varied and crazy tasks: Ivleeva cut one of the most expensive things in her wardrobe and stood on a board with nails, and Timati walked in mousetraps and ate Tabasco sauce with spoons.

Ivleeva and Timati

However, the biggest excitement was caused by the way Anastasia invited her opponent to pierce any part of her body with a toothpick. “I will not use a toothpick because it is not hygienic. I will pierce a syringe with a medical needle. I will pierce my lip, ”Timati said and immediately fulfilled his promise.

When the number of viewers exceeded 450 thousand people, Ivleeva jokingly promised that if the number of views “in the moment” reaches half a million, she will show her breasts. It seemed impossible – Previously, the record for views of her broadcasts was almost half less, but after a few minutes the mark was crossed. The stars compromised, and Timati asked for a rival paint a picture with bare chest, sell it and donate money to charity.

After that, the rapper shocked everyone by painting his face with paint paint, smashing his new phone with a hammer, and at the end of the event he even set his hand on fire.

Ivleeva broke the world record for views: a shocking broadcast with Timati

After the end of the live broadcast, Ivleeva noticed that it was one of the strangest evenings in her life. In her Instagram stories, the actress said that she and Timati set a world record for watching online broadcasts in the moment – according to articles on the Internet, before that, American producers Babyface and Teddy had the maximum number of viewers. Riley. In the comments of the star, subscribers doubt the reliability of the information – many argue that, for example, more than 1 million people watched the air of YouTube Huseyn Hasanov. In any case, it is impossible to deny that the live streaming rates for Russian Instagram were simply phenomenal.

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