is black magic real and how to get rid of it

How Real Is Black Magic? Yogi and mystic Sadhguru explains his vision of this phenomenon as external interference, and shares a simple tool for getting rid of black magic. First of all, he focuses on the fact that such magic is based on energy charged with negativity.

Indian yogi and mystic Sadghuru on whether black magic is real and how to get rid of it
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What is black magic?

Energy is just energy, it is neither bad nor good. It looks like electricity. Is electricity divine or devilish? When it illuminates your home, it is good and comfortable. When it becomes an electric chair, it’s terrible. It just depends on who controls the electricity at one time or another.

It’s just pure energy, and you can make anything out of it. The tiger, eager to eat you, has the same energy as God, who can appear and save you. They just function in completely different ways.

Indian yogi and mystic Sadghuru on whether black magic is real and how to get rid of it
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Is your car good or bad? It can make your life more comfortable, or it can take your life away from you, and at any time.

Can people practice so-called black magic? Definitely yes. If there is a positive use of energy, then there is also a negative use of it. However, most often it is purely psychological.

Yes, it may be a little negative in your direction, but everything else is the work of your own mind, depriving you of your peace of mind. If I want to drive you crazy, there is no need to use real black magic. Suppose when you leave the house tomorrow, you see a skull and a little blood at the threshold under the door. And that’s it! You are already shaking and starting to wind yourself up.

You get sick, you start to fail in business, something bad happens to you – and all because you are seized by fear and horror. At the same time, no black magic was applied to you. The fact is that your calmness was destroyed by certain symbols, similar to some kind of black magic. So it’s just a powerful psychological effect.

Even if someone did use black magic, only 10% of that effect could work. Otherwise, you are destroying yourself. That is why there is symbolism in magic. Witches and sorcerers perfectly understand the influence of your own psychology on you. As soon as you see certain symbols, you yourself turn on the self-destruction mode.

How to neutralize black magic?

Indian yogi and mystic Sadghuru on whether black magic is real and how to get rid of it
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Yes, there is a science about how you can negatively use your own energy in order to harm another person. But there is also protection! First of all, if you are engaged in spiritual practices (sadhana), you should not worry about such things. You don’t even need to think about it.

Another way is to wear a certain protective amulet (for example, rudraksha), which protects from any negative impact. But again, you don’t have to worry about these things. Just live your life in peace.

Dhyanalinga temple

If you feel an external influence on yourself or when you are afraid that something bad is directed at you, you can sit in a special sphere in the Dhyanalinga temple, since it is here that such energies are canceled out. But it is better not to pay attention to such things at all, because your mind is capable of doing much more “black magic” with you than someone else from the outside.

At the entrance to the Dhyanalinga temple are the Patanjali and Vanashri shrines. They are located at an angle of 15 degrees from Dhyanalinga. Usually people who are possessed by some kind of spirits or who are under the influence of the evil eye or similar problems sit forward or backward at an angle of 15 degrees, depending on the type of their problem. Actually, this space was created specifically for the purpose of purifying and neutralizing bad energy.

Indian yogi and mystic Sadghuru on whether black magic is real and how to get rid of it

The negative use of energy, including black magic, is quite real. That is why people who visit Dhyanalinga soon notice that everything has changed dramatically for the better. The fact is that the negative impact on their lives has diminished.

Indian yogi and mystic Sadghuru on whether black magic is real and how to get rid of it

By the way, the words “negative impact” do not necessarily mean that something bad is being done towards you. In many cases, you yourself can perceive, attract and absorb negativity.

In other words, it can be explained as follows: it is not necessary for your foe to poison the fruit and present it to you. This fruit may contain some natural poison that gets into your body when you eat it. In the same way, negative energy is capable of penetrating you in different ways, and this does not always mean that some ill-wisher is sitting and weaving intrigues and intrigues against you. Sometimes you need to look for the answer in yourself, and not in the outside world.

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