Jared Leto shared a stylish look

Jared Leto has long been a recognized style icon, trendsetter and one of Hollywood’s top fashionistas. His amazing half-crazy, bohemian and vibrant images conquer even the most conservative critics, let alone creative personalities!

Instagram instead of the red carpet

Unfortunately, recently, due to the pandemic, the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman has not been able to appear on the red carpet and delight fans with his outfits. And this is where social networks come to the rescue.

Jared actively maintains his Instagram and regularly shares fresh photos with subscribers. With his latest publication, he once again confirmed his status as a style icon.

Jared showed off a stunning look from Gucci, consisting of a shirt, shorts and socks – all with a multi-star print on a black background. A wide-brimmed straw hat complemented the look. The singer chose to unbutton the top in order to demonstrate his inflated muscles. Overall, the branded outfit looked both relaxed and creative.

Jared Leto
Photo @ jaredleto
Jared Leto4
Photo @ jaredleto
Jared Leto2
Photo @ jaredleto
Jared Leto3
Photo @ jaredleto

Fans appreciated the star’s release and showered him with compliments. Also, many were amused by the combination of a branded suit and a garden tool in the singer’s hands – he certainly does not have a sense of humor.

  • “Fell in love with this image!” – virgigpr.
  • “Oh my god, just the king of Gucci! I love this look so much! ” – maeva_from_mars.
  • “I love your style!” – chelebear74.

Men in the fashion world

Today, the fashion world has ceased to be a sphere of exclusively female interests: many famous men willingly cooperate with the fashion industry, try themselves as designers, models, become the faces of famous brands. So, Jared Leto has been the face of the Gucci brand for many years, and also collaborated with Hugo Boss and Nike.

Jared Leto 5
Photo @ jaredleto

Being a metrosexual, that is, a person who takes care of himself and pays attention to his appearance, is not a shame now, but on the contrary, it is fashionable. Such celebrities as Jared Leto, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp calmly visit beauty salons, do various procedures, take care of their appearance and wardrobe. Even makeup today has ceased to be an exclusively female prerogative: Johnny Depp brings the image of Jack Sparrow from the screen to life and brings the lower eyelid down, Adam Lambert prefers dramatic smoky eyes, Pharrell Williams and Jared Leto use eyeliner, Cristiano Ronaldo evens out the tone of the face, and Ezra Miller is generally possible feel free to call a real make-up guru!

Handsome in Gucci: Jared Leto shares a new stylish look
Photo @imezramiller

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