Select a picture and receive a message from the Guardian Angel

We all the time receive messages from the Higher Forces, but our problem is that most often we do not notice them or do not know how to correctly decipher and interpret. Such messages come in a variety of “packages”: in the form of advice from friends, signs from animals, or repetitive digital combinations. And in the case of this test – in the form of the picture that instantly grabs your attention.

Take a look at three images. Choose what beckoned you on the level of intuition or subconscious attraction. This will be the message of your Guardian Angel.

Test: choose one picture and receive a message from your Guardian Angel
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Picture 1

You have a very good stage ahead of you. Either you have already felt some kind of lightness in your life, or you will soon feel it. Energy in the near future promises you success in any project in which you invest all your strength. All this happens because you made the right choice and now you can count on the implementation of your plans.

Soon, you will benefit from your ideas or actions, or rather, from the foundation that you laid some time ago. Getting to the desired goal was not easy, and you probably doubted the successful outcome. Yet the time has come to reap the fruits of your hard work. At this stage, you can either develop your achievements further, or put an end to and consider new projects.

Be patient, think about the end results and your next steps. By the way, if you want to take on something new, trips and journeys may await you.

Picture 2

You need to stop, pause and look at yourself, or rather, inside yourself. You constantly notice and admire wonderful qualities in those around you. However, do not forget that what you admire in people is also in you.

The people around you are just your reflection, they are a mirror showing you who you really are. So don’t underestimate yourself. When you see something good in someone else, know that this trait is inherent in you too. Don’t think that others are better than you. Recognize your uniqueness, talents and abilities.

When you begin to perceive yourself with love and respect, you will become a source of positive change, which means that many doors that seemed hopelessly blocked will immediately open before you.

Picture 3

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been relaxing a little lately and allowing yourself a little more than usual. Life is not only about work, seriousness and responsibility. Life is also about relaxing and enjoying its everyday moments.

If you’ve really worked hard, why not allow yourself to take a break? Too much of anything leads to imbalance – whether it’s overwork and overwork in the end, or too much laziness and indolence. You should bring more harmony into your life and work on the correct distribution of energy.

And at the same time, do not scold or gnaw yourself. Self-deprecation will not help you in any way. You don’t need to deny yourself the joys in life, but remember to return to and maintain the right balance.

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