Javed Afridi Net Worth

Javed Afridi Net Worth

Javed Afridi Net Worth is an extremely well-known businessman in his own country, famed for his work in electronics. He is best known for his work in this sector and his earnings. A very passionate individual, Javed works tirelessly towards reaching his goals in life. Additionally, his charity activities and collaborations with famous artists make him stand out even further; although his personal life remains relatively private.

Haier Pakistan and has sponsored many cricket competitions and owned Peshawar Zalmi of Pakistan Super League. His estimated net worth stands at over $2 Million and he is considered an accomplished businessman. After graduating from Edwardes College Peshawar he moved on to Regent’s University London for further studies.

Javed Afridi is a highly educated individual with extensive knowledge in various fields. He is extremely gifted and intelligent, having made an impressionful mark in business circles with his abilities as both leader and worker ethic. His colleagues greatly admire him.

He has accomplished many things during his career that have allowed him to gain financial success, such as founding several companies and serving as CEO of Haier Pakistan. Furthermore, he is well known in social media, having amassed many followers on his Twitter account. Finally, his lifestyle is impeccable as he lives in a lavish house together with his family.

Javed Afridi comes from an extremely close-knit family, being closely tied with all his brothers. He is cousin brother to cricketer Shahid Afridi; both siblings possess tremendous cricketing talent; Javed is no different, having gone on to win several awards during his cricketing career.

He enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends in his free time, staying fit through exercise and eating healthy food, all thanks to hard work. His lifestyle is very rewarding thanks to this.

His outlook on life is always very optimistic and he strives to improve in all aspects of his life. He’s very kind and generous towards others in need and always stands by them in times of joy or hardship. Finally, his family always have his back and he always stands with them!

Javed Afridi was born on 14 August 1985 in Bara, Khyber, Pakistan and is an incredibly wealthy entrepreneur with a massive net worth. He invests extensively in multiple businesses while being extremely popular on social media – having amassed millions of followers there alone! Additionally, Javed enjoys playing both cricket and football for fun, living a very comfortable life with his family who all look up to him very much; possessing a large home which he lives comfortably within; all while having many investments!

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