Jimmy John’s $1 Sandwich Day 2015

If you’re craving a sub for less than $1, the only place to go is Jimmy John’s. The company is celebrating its customers with a “$1 Sub Day” on Tuesday, February 13. This deal is available at all Jimmy’s restaurants in Central Ohio, including those in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Lebanon. To take advantage of this deal, head to your local Jimmy’s restaurant today.

The Jimmy’s franchise was founded in 1983 and now has nearly 2,500 locations in 42 states. The company started out with one shop in Charleston, Illinois and has since expanded its business to over 25,000. Although this doesn’t include restaurants in Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and Alaska, the chain has been growing rapidly, opening as many as 200 locations per year. In fact, as of last week, there are more than 2,500 locations nationwide.

The $1 Sub Day deal at Jimmy John’s is limited to in-store purchases only. All sandwiches are on the menu, including the BLT, Unwich lettuce wraps, and slims. The special price is only good for today’s special menu. For more details, visit the official website. This holiday is a great opportunity to stock up on cheap eats, and Jimmy John’s is offering a great deal!

The Jimmy John’s Dollar Sub Day is held annually on April 21 and is limited to a few dozen locations in the United States. The special deal is valid for all sandwiches on the menu, but it is important to remember that the subs that cost $1 are only available in select locations and for in-store purchases. The offer is also limited to the number of sandwiches a customer can buy for a dollar. Customers should also know that the deal is valid only for one-dollar sub.

To take advantage of this offer, visit a Jimmy John’s location and purchase a $1 sandwich on Customer Appreciation Day. It’s also important to know that the $1 sub is only available on certain days. In addition to being cheaper than Sweetest Day, it is also more convenient than the usual lunch for many people. The jumbo sandwich is priced at only $1. There are other great ways to celebrate the $1 Sandwich Day.

In a recent news release, Jimmy John’s announced that on Customer Appreciation Day, the company would offer a $1 sub to its customers. The idea of a $1 sub is a great deal for the company, which aims to show appreciation by offering cheap subs on Customer Appreciation Day. The price of the sandwich may be as low as $1 on the menu. This is even cheaper than Sweetest Day, which is another day to celebrate the $1 sandwich.

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