John B Hayes Fair Oaks Mall Closed

The John B. Hayes Tobacconist has closed its doors in Fair Oaks, California. You can shop at one of the other stores in the Fair Oaks Mall. If you want to find out more information, you can call or go online. You can also follow the store on Facebook or Twitter. Besides the store, you can also find news about sales and discounts on various websites.

Another shopping center near the mall is Fairfax Corner, which is located at 3543 St. The Fairfax Outlets are also located nearby. In Prince William, Virginia, Zara recently opened in the United States. You can shop for trendy clothes at the local store or order online. These stores have a lot of other stores and online. You can also go online. This mall is a good option for you if you are looking for trendy clothes at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a good shopping experience, you should head to the Fairfax Corner. It’s just 6 miles away from Irvine. If you’re looking for a more unique shopping experience, try out Fairfax Outlets or Office Depot stores. These outlets have plenty of great deals on electronics, clothing, and homewares. However, if you’d rather shop for clothes, the JB Hayes Fair Oaks Mall has a lot to offer.

The JB Hayes Fair Oaks Mall has been closed since August of last year. Luckily, if you’re looking for a good place to shop, you can find it in nearby Orange County. The stores are located at 3543 St. and Fairfax Corner is 6 miles away. In addition to the Irvine Outlet Mall, you can also try the outlet malls in nearby Prince William and Fairfax.

The JB Hayes Fair Oaks is no longer an option for you. But you can still find a decent shopping experience in the area. You can head to the nearby Irvine Outlet Mall and Fairfax Corner. The Fairfax Outlets are just 6 miles away. Alternatively, you can try the new It has recently opened in the U.S., and it offers a wide range of stylish clothing.

Fairfax Corner is a shopping district with a variety of shops and restaurants. The Fairfax Outlet Mall is located in the same city as the JB Hayes Fair Oaks Mall. It’s open seven days a week, but it is closed on Mondays. It is not an easy decision to make, but it’s important to remember that it has a great selection of brands.

There are other places to shop in Fairfax, California. If you’re in the area, you may want to check out the Irvine Outlet Mall, located at 2747 Campus Drive. There are also several Zara outlets in Virginia. The former is located in the city of Charlotte. It offers stylish clothes in the region. The latter is an extension of the Spanish chain. Its online store. It is a popular shopping destination in Irvine.

If you want to shop in Irvine, there are other options. The nearby Office Depot is located at 2747 Campus Drive. For fashion lovers, there are the outlet malls in Prince William and Fairfax. Zara recently branched out in the U.S., and the brand sells fashionable clothes at local stores. It also offers its products online. You can also go online. If you prefer to shop in a chain, you can visit the nearby Zara store.

For a good shopping experience, you should check out Fairfax Corner in Irvine, CA. It is located at 3543 St. and features several stores. If you are unable to find a local store, you can try out the Zara website. If you prefer to shop in an outlet, you can also browse online. There are many online shopping options available, but it is important to do your homework.

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