Ricky Lake hopes to meet true love again

American actress and TV personality Ricky Lake hopes to find love again. Her husband died in 2017, Christian Evans struggled with mental illness for a long time.

In 2015, Ricky and Christian formally divorced, but stayed to live together.

Lake, 50, hopes to find true love, although she is not sure if she can do it.

Ricky Lake

Ricky Lake posing

Ricky Lake at the ceremony

Ricky Lake with flowers

– I found true love with my husband, who passed away, – says Ricky. “And I hope to find my beloved man again. I don’t think it will work, but I’m open to that possibility. I think about what I have: I was so lucky in life. In fact, I have what everyone only dreams of. I had sincere, unconditional love. And I would like to find it again. But I understand: lightning does not strike twice in the same tree. And I already had everything, just love did not stay with me as long as I would like.

Ricky Lake Christian Evans
Ricky Lake and ex-husband Christian Evans

Evans committed suicide, although he struggled with mental problems quite successfully for many years.

“He had a sea of ​​difficulties, difficulties with self-esteem, he was tormented by many demons,” the actress adds. – But I understood him. He was a man I believe many people misunderstood.

Ricky assures that her husband loved everyone around. And society can be too callous in relation to kind people.

– The world did not understand this man, and I – yes. He’s lost a long battle with bipolar disorder, says Lake’s obituary. – My heart is next to everyone who has lost friends or family members suffering from mental illness. I became a more wonderful person only because I knew him, that I spent 6.5 years of my life with him. He was a man who exuded love, it heals my broken heart. After all, I know that his spirit is finally free.

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