John Dau Net Worth

John Dau Net Worth

John Dau Net Worth John and Donna Ragon have amassed a fortune that is scattered between beachfront properties in Florida and Maryland, but have also set aside much of it as charitable donations. The Ragons took the “Giving Pledge”, promising most of their wealth through philanthropy – they gave over $100 Million to Mass General for AIDS research alone! In addition, they’ve given money away to various institutions across the nation as well as supporting start-up companies such as Moderna (developers of drugs which target one’s immune system) in recent years.

As an activist for South Sudanese people, Dau has had to overcome numerous challenges throughout his life. His story was featured in 2006 documentary God Grew Tired of Us which won Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize. Dau was among thousands of young children fleeing civil war-ravaged homes to avoid starvation, poverty and violence in South Sudan.

He spent four years living in an Ethiopian refugee camp before being chosen to move with 140 other Lost Boys of Sudan to Syracuse, New York in 2001. Though experiencing culture shock at first, he eventually made himself at home and continued chasing the American dream with the support of his mother and sister who joined him here. Now working for John Dau Foundation (nonprofit 501(c)3) organization dedicated to improving healthcare systems worldwide he now works for it full-time as well as with many non-profits such as John Dau Foundation that strives for change on local and national levels.

John Dau is an engaging public speaker renowned for presenting captivating life stories that enthrall audiences. His presentations inspire individuals to take positive steps in life and never give up trying – believing that one’s success should not just be measured by accomplishments alone but by how one overcame challenges in their lives.

His work has brought him both domestic and international acclaim. He has appeared on television programs like Dateline NBC and CBS This Morning. Additionally, he has published three books; most recently in 2018 was The Pillars of Wisdom which contains Dinka folk tales that instill lessons through animal adventures and stories.

John Dau has made tremendous efforts to aid citizens of his homeland of South Sudan, most notably founding four nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. As founder and president of the John Dau Foundation – which raised over $1.8 million for Duk Lost Boys Clinic in his home village of Duk Payuel – and president of South Sudan Institute. Additionally, he received his associate degree from Onondaga Community College before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree in policy studies from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs before advocating on behalf of his own people as a member of Dinka tribe; married since 2004 and currently living in Richmond Virginia

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