John Deere 130 Lb Capacity Tow Behind Lawn Spreader Manual

The John Deere 130 lb capacity tow-behind lawn spreader is the perfect tool for any yard. This model fits most riding lawn tractors and has large turf-tread tires for extra traction. It only weighs 17 pounds and is easily stored in a shed or out of the way during the winter. A smaller yard with no steep hills is ideal for this unit, but larger farms may not need to refill it very often. The manual includes a video instruction guide to assist you in assembling your spreader.

The John Deere 130 lb capacity tow-behind lawn spreader is easy to use and has a manual and instructional DVD to help you operate it. It is also equipped with a plug aerator and has a 250-lb weight tray to ease spreading. The spreader is capable of covering 1/3 acre at a time when the hopper is full and has a 10 ft broadcast width.

The John Deere 130 lb capacity tow-behind lawn spreader manual comes with a number of features. It is easy to operate and has a 12-inch diameter hopper for spreading seeds, fertilizer, sand, and salt. It also has a polymer hopper and interior hardware that will stand up to heavy use. The user guide can also guide you through the process of using your spreader.

The Craftsman 175 lb capacity tow behind lawn spreaders are great for large yards. They can be attached to a lawnmower to broadcast fertilizer or other materials. This machine also has a 12-inch x 3-inch spread and a 2-year limited warranty. In addition, the Craftsman Pull Behind Lawn Spreader is a popular choice for smaller yards. The $175 lb model has an 85 lb capacity and comes with a 12 inch x 3-inch hopper. The Agrifab 45-0530 is a good choice for small yards. This unit has a two-year warranty and can cover a third of an acre when filled. It can also broadcast to a maximum of 10 feet.

The Craftsman 130 lb capacity tow behind lawn spreading machine can be hooked to most lawnmowers. Its 110-lb capacity spreader can be connected to most lawnmowers and broadcasts a maximum of 12 feet. The Agrifab Tow Behind Lawn Spreader 45-0463 is a lightweight spreader for small yards. Its hopper can hold up to 85 lb of spread material.

The Craftsman 130 lb capacity tow behind lawn spreading machine is a popular pick for homeowners. The machine’s 130-lb capacity is great for large yards, and its 12 ft broadcast width is suitable for small yards. Its operator station allows for easy spreader use and is compatible with most lawnmowers. The Agrifab Tow Behind Spreader is made in Sullivan, Illinois and can cover about 1/3 of an acre when it’s fully loaded.

The Craftsman tow behind lawn spreader can handle a 130-lb spreader. Its hopper has a capacity of 110 pounds. The model can be hooked up to most lawnmowers. It has a 12-inch width and is made in Sullivan, Illinois. Its two-year limited warranty is a good option for any homeowner.

The John Deere 130 lb capacity tow-behind lawn spreader can handle both fertilizer and salt. The unit is made of a durable, lightweight polymer hopper. The hopper is easy to fill with the product, and the machine has a durable design and a high-quality hose. Whether you need to spread a fertilizer, weed killer or ice melt, the hopper will handle the job.

The John Deere 130-lb capacity tow-behind lawn spreader is a great tool to get the job done. This spreader has a wide spread area and can be hooked up to most lawnmowers. The weight of the machine is 150 lb, which is more than enough for a large yard. Its hopper can also hold a weed control product.

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