John Deere 660 Hay Rake Drive Shaft

The drive shaft on a John Deere 660 hay rake is easy to replace. Simply unscrew the yoke and insert the yoke into the gearbox. The shaft is attached to a yoke, which screws onto the shaft. The yoke has two pieces – the fork and shift collar. When reinstalling the assembly, be sure to slide the fork into the shift collar.

The TO-20 was designed to resemble the Ford 2N and 9N models. Its name is derived from the Handshake Agreement with the Ford Motor Company. The TO-20’s appearance was modeled after these models. Originally, it was intentionally resembled the Ford 9N and 2N. But with the signing of the Handshake Agreement, the Ferguson rebranded the TO-20 as a different model. The redesigned tractor was released to the public and was sold for much less than its original cost.

When the Handshake Agreement was signed, the TO-20 was designed to look similar to the Ford 2N and 9N models. It was deliberately based on the Ford models. The TO-20 was manufactured by Ferguson to resemble them, but with a slightly lower horsepower. The redesigned tractor is now a favorite among hay rake owners. The TO-20 has a 6.5-inch pitch, a unique drive shaft design, and a more powerful engine. Its new design offers the same power and fuel efficiency as a Ford tractor.

A Ferguson TO-20 model was designed to mimic the Ford 2N and 9N. The manufacturer intentionally copied the Ford models when the Handshake Agreement was signed. Because the TO-20 is a replica of the Ford 9N and 2N, the Ferguson tractors were intended to resemble them. The company also made the To-20 with a more aggressive design than the original version. A new design was introduced in 2007 for the TO-20, a more powerful tractor.

While the Ferguson TO-20 is a replica of the Ford 2N and 9N models, it was designed to be more efficient. The 660 hay rake driveshaft of a Ferguson TO-20 resembles the Ford TO-20 by design. The drive shaft of the Ferguson TO-20 resembles the original twoN and the 2N models. This harrow was also designed to be more durable and able to withstand more stress.

The Ferguson TO-20 was designed to look like the Ford 9N and 2N models, despite being produced by a different manufacturer. When the Handshake Agreement was signed, the TO-20 was intentionally modeled after the Ford 9N and the Ford 2N. The patented harrow was made by the Ferguson to resemble the twoN. However, the twoN harrows were made in a similar style.

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