John Deere Tractor 5305 Price In India

John Deere tractor 5305 is a high-end mid-range machine that is equipped with excellent features. This mid-range model comes with eight forward and four reverse gearboxes and a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres. Its overall dimensions are 3420 mm, 1810 mm, and 1960 MM. Its wheelbase is 1960 MM, and the ground clearance is 430 MM. It is priced at Rs 7.10 lakhs, making it one of the mid-range tractors in India.

Among the major features of the John Deere 5305 tractor, its single/dual clutch and power steering help it perform various tasks. Its hydraulic lifting capacity is 1600 kg and it has an 8-Forward + 4-Reverse gearbox. Its ground clearance is 430 mm, and its width is 1810 mm. All of these features make it a well-rounded machine that will make your work easier.

The John Deere 5305 tractor comes with 1 variant – D, E, and X. Its price range is Rs 7,25,000. There are numerous images of the 5305 tractor available online, and they will show you the specifications of each variant. You should note that some showrooms don’t carry all models of the Tractor. This page serves as a reference only. Please note that all images are representative of the tractor and are not actual pictures of the tractor.

The John Deere tractor 5305 is equipped with various attachments that make it versatile. Its turbocharged engine, 540 at 1500RPM/2100RPM, and 1600 Kgf hydraulic lifting capacity enable it to perform multiple tasks. The machine is also equipped with an adjustable front axle, which makes it a versatile machine. The engine has an easy-to-shift gearbox that can be adjusted to suit row cropping work.

There are many variants of the John Deere 5305 tractor. The price of this model varies according to the variant and its features. Its price may vary slightly in different states, so you should consider the availability of your local dealership. There are also a number of websites that sell this model. The online platform will have all the necessary information to assist you in choosing the best model for your farming needs.

Besides being affordable, the John Deere 5305 has several features that make it a versatile machine. Its power, technology, and attachments make it ideal for a variety of tasks. Its powerful engine is capable of running at a 1500RPM speed, which is a perfect match for farming. Its compact size makes it suitable for a variety of applications. If you’re looking for a tractor that is a great all-rounder, the 5305 will be a great choice.

The John Deere 5305 tractor is an excellent choice for any farm. Its superior power, performance, and technology make it ideal for a variety of uses. Its 540 at 2100RPM and its impressive 1600 Kgf hydraulic lifting capacity make it a great tractor for a variety of applications. The pto horsepower of this John Deere tractor is excellent, which makes it ideal for a wide range of tasks.

The John Deere 5305 tractor has a single/dual clutch for ease of use and a power steering system for fast response. Its oil-immersed braking system has a braking capacity of 1600 kg. Its 8-speed-and-4-reverse transmission will allow you to perform various farm tasks without any hassles. The price of a John Deere tractor 5305 is Rs 7,25,000.

The John Deere 5305 tractor has 1 variant and is available in both petrol and diesel. Listed below are some of its features. It has an Independent, six-spline PTO system, 1600 Kgf hydraulic lifting capacity, and a 430 MM wheel base. This machine is suitable for a variety of farm and garden work and is ideal for a variety of other tasks.

The John Deere tractor 5305 is a mid-range tractor with six-splines and 540 RPM power take-off. Its automatic depth and draft control feature helps in the lifting of heavy objects. Its independent PTO is the most popular feature of this model, and the power take-off is at a maximum of 2100 RPM. Its 550 hp engine provides power for the PTO.

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