John Middleton Unit 13055 Fm 3522 Abilene Tx 79601

The Middleton Unit is a correctional facility located at 13055 FM 3522 in Abilene, TX. The inmates are placed in this unit according to the type of crime they committed, the length of their sentence, and other factors. There is a comprehensive educational and vocational training program, and the prison’s mission is to assist in the rehabilitation of the inmates, ensuring that they leave in better shape than they arrived.

The inmates are allowed to have personal telephone accounts and can make collect calls to landlines. Before using these accounts, inmates must submit their name, address, and phone number for approval. Visitors are allowed to make contact with an inmate at any time during the day. Visits are limited to Saturdays and Sundays and last for about two hours, from the time they are seated.

The Middleton Unit Transfer Facility is a medium custody state prison located in Abilene, Texas. The facility houses approximately 2,128 inmates. The inmates are held in G1, G2, and G3 housing units. The prison is intended to serve as a transfer facility only, and does not accept inmates from other facilities.

The Middleton Unit is home to inmates under the supervision of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). The John Middleton Transfer Facility is the largest maximum-security prison in the state. Its perimeter is reinforced with razor wire, and it features an electronic detection system. The facility houses primarily inmates who are under close custody. The facility also operates as a Secure Mental Health Facility for inmates who are under civil commitments or facing a death sentence.

A comprehensive search for inmates at the John Middleton Unit can help you find out whether the inmate is serving a term of life in jail. The details of the inmate will include his or her race, commitment date, case type, and bond amount. Aside from looking up the inmate’s information, you can also check out his or her jail roster and mugshot.

A search on the internet will bring up a list of all Texas prisons, including the John Middleton Transfer Facility. A search will yield inmates’ jail and transfer information, including their release date, convictions, and other information. The facility is one of 1377 inmates in Abilene, Texas. It houses inmates ranging from juveniles to adults.

The John Middleton Transfer Facility is a medium-custody state prison in Abilene, Texas. The facility is home to about 2,100 adult males and transients. The prison is home to about 1377 inmates, and it is the fourth largest state correctional facility in the state. This institution was founded in 1890.

Upon being released from the Middleton Transfer Facility, inmates may be released for free. The Middleton Unit is a medium custody prison. The prison houses G-1 minimum security and G-3 medium-security offenders. It also serves as a transient detention facility for male offenders. The Middleton Unit is operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Inmate search at the John Middleton Transfer Facility provides information about an inmate’s case and disposition. You can find a prisoner’s commitment date, race, and bond amount through a simple online search. The facility’s mugshots, and jail roster are all available for the inmates.

Visiting an inmate at the John Middleton Transfer Facility is easy. There are scheduled visitor hours at the facility for inmates on weekends. During the week, the prison allows visitors to visit for up to two hours per day. However, you must make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you have the right access to the facility.

The John Middleton Transfer Facility is located at 13055 FM 3522 in abilene, tx. The prison is located in the city of Texarkana, which is a small town in western Texas. It is a good place to work if you want to find out more about a particular inmate’s case.

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