Karmic test – what mistakes did you make in a past life

What is Karma? Psychologists understand this term as a natural cause-and-effect relationship. For example, if you hurt your children, then when they grow up, they will not maintain a friendly relationship with you. This is your karma.

Through intuition, a person can “connect” to the channels of the Universe and receive important information for himself. Are you ready to find out what mistakes you made in your past life and what you have to pay for now?

Then intuitively choose a watch and see the result.

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Pick a watch and find out what mistakes you've made in your past life

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Clock number 1

In your previous incarnations, you have repeatedly broken promises. Perhaps your lies cost someone their life. The universe sees everything! That is why now you can regularly face such problems:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, overweight.
  • Problems with building family relationships, constant misunderstandings with the opposite sex.
  • Financial difficulties, debts.

How to improve karma? Always keep your promises, be responsible for your words. If you understand that you cannot keep your word, do not give it.

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Clock number 2

In your previous incarnation, you suffered from unrequited love. The object of your suffering has rejected you. As a result, you began to accumulate anger, resentment and other feelings that are destructive for the individual. You “drag” this negative love experience on yourself now. What problems have you already faced?

  • Strong emotional dependence on a partner (subconsciously, you are afraid of being rejected).
  • Fear of entering new relationships after old ones have ended.
  • Subconscious mistrust of the opposite sex (you can’t relax, you always expect some kind of catch).
  • Low self-esteem.

How to fix karma? In a neglected case, you cannot do without the help of a psychotherapist, but if everything is not so scary, try to find harmony within yourself. Remember that no one will love you more than you yourself. Think about what you should respect and value yourself for. When you gain inner confidence, then a worthy partner will be attracted to your life.

Clock number 3

In a past life, you opened the veil of forbidden things for understanding. Perhaps they even practiced black magic. The universe always punishes us for excessive curiosity, because not everything people are allowed to know, including about themselves.

You are now paying a high price for this. You feel like a lonely person, people from your immediate environment do not value your opinion. You suffer greatly from this.

Can karma be corrected? Of course yes. To do this, you must moderate excessive curiosity, stop spreading gossip, discussing the private life of others. Start doing good deeds and your quality of life will definitely improve.

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