Kevin Alejandro Net Worth

The answer to your question about Kevin Alejandro’s net worth is quite simple. His net worth is estimated at around $2 million by 2020. Kevin has been appearing in films and on television since 2002, when he made his debut in Purgatory Flats. He also starred in the films Graduation Night, Wake and Crossing Over. He has been married to Leslie de Jesus since 2004 and they welcomed their first child in 2008. However, his personal life is not fully revealed.

Despite his recent role in “Lucifer,” the actor has managed to keep a relatively low profile. In addition to the television series, he’s appeared on a number of other films and television shows. He played the role of Forklift Mike on the show Southland, Nate Moretta on the television show Southland and Sebastian Blood in the show Arrow. Kevin Alejandro has had a successful career and is currently working on “Spoiler alert,” his next feature film.

Kevin Alejandro is an American actor and film director. His background is mixed, with Spanish, English and Mexican descent. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2002, he made his acting debut in the television movie “Purgatory,” playing the role of Owen Mecklin. Alejandro also directed the fourth season of “Once Upon a Time” and circulated the series’ season five premiere.

Although his net worth is not known, we can estimate that Alejandro currently makes around $2 million per year from acting and modeling. Alejandro has been in the entertainment industry for a decade and continues to push himself. Kevin is a multifaceted artist with a wealth career. The only question that remains is how much money he needs to keep acting. That’s a lot of questions to answer!

He is married to Leslie de Jesus Alejandro. They share a son, Kaden Alejandro. Although the details of his personal life are not public knowledge, it’s safe to say that he is happy with his wife Leslie. Kaden, their son, was born in 2008.

After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin in 1998, Kevin made his first TV appearance in an episode of “Crossing Jordan”. He was a star of many other series, including the crime drama “True Blood”, the comedy “Dr. Vegas” and the fantasy crime drama called “Charmed.”

The actor Kevin Alejandro’s height is just under six feet and his weight is 71 kilograms, or 156 pounds. His body has been well-managed all his life. He exercises and engages in physical activities. He wears 9.5-inch shoes, which makes him a slim, lean, and fit bodybuilder. Despite his small stature, Kevin Alejandro’s net worth is still increasing.

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