Key mistakes of the zodiac signs on first dates

Each of us has flaws, because no one is perfect. However, when weaknesses turn into bad habits, our life becomes much more difficult. This will undoubtedly be reflected in their relationship and personal life in general.

Astrologers argue that such flaws in each sign lead to key communication mistakes on first dates and impede the further development of the novel.

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Emotional, funny and adventurous Aries love dating and dating, but they behave quite assertively with a potential partner and can seem selfish, tough and aggressive. They immediately begin to pull the blanket over themselves, which scares people off at the very beginning of the relationship.

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Taurus is stubborn and does not give the other person a chance to prove themselves at the very early stage of the relationship. They stubbornly bend their line and do not accept opinions that differ from their point of view. If a partner begins to argue and give counter-arguments, Taurus loses interest in him. Taurus’ stubbornness creates an impenetrable wall around him.


Gemini are attracted to people because they love to actively communicate. However, their key mistake when building relationships is that Gemini always think they are missing out on something better. They will meet with a person, but at the same time glance around – what if someone more interesting looms on the horizon.

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Cancers are obscenely emotional and sensitive, so they can seem overly intrusive. Cancer is prone to manipulation and often pretends to be a victim and an unhappy person, and he is also very pessimistic and believes that all relationships in which he enters are doomed from the very beginning and will inevitably end in failure.

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Leos are very charismatic and strive to be loved, praised and lifted up to heaven. Leo is so obsessed with this thirst for attention to his person that it can affect his relationship. If his partner suddenly becomes the center of attention, then jealousy and envy will leap up in Leo, and this will ruin everything.


Virgos look closely at a person for a long time, and their feelings awaken for a long time too. When Virgo falls in love with someone (finally!), Her perfectionist nature begins to expect too much from the chosen one. Of course, most of Virgo’s expectations are too high, and this leads to disappointment, in which Virgo blames not herself, but her partner.

Key mistakes zodiac signs make on first dates
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As cute and friendly as Libra is, they are afraid of being hurt, so they build walls around their heart. If a new person appears in their life, Libra gives him a comprehensive check to find out if he is right for them. This can make the relationship too difficult at a very early stage.


This sign sins by thinking too much and constantly analyzing another person, including the most insignificant nuances. Scorpio will take apart every little thing to the bone and will surely begin to hesitate and doubt. Further, jealousy, suspicion and spying on the partner will follow from his side.


Sagittarius are inspired and enthusiastic about dating, because socializing, hanging out and having fun is their favorite pastime. Sagittarius does not take first dates seriously, because he thinks that he is just having a good time with his new partner, and therefore does not make any plans, since he lives only in the moment.


Capricorn’s main mistake on first dates is that he is sure that he has already got to know his chosen one well, that he has perfectly learned all his behavioral models, all his likes and dislikes, and can begin to plan for the future. However, Capricorn is mistaken, and this often leads to disagreement and conflict.


Aquarians are never sure what they want, so they tend to send mixed and conflicting signals to their partner. This creates misunderstandings, and as a result, all dates become uncomfortable, uncomfortable and awkward.

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Pisces are always looking for the best in people. Positive is, of course, good, but in the case of Pisces it is more like an illusion, since they turn a blind eye to all the strange, unhealthy and wrong actions of another person. As a result, Pisces resigns themselves to the fact that the chosen one treats them disrespectfully and dismissively, and even try to perceive this as the norm.

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