Khaki in women’s clothing

Khaki in women's clothingKhaki color is considered a sign of strength, refined taste and energy. It makes the feminine look more stylish and sophisticated. His restraint subtly emphasizes the elegance and femininity of the owner of khaki-colored outfits.

This shade is also called protective. Isn’t that why women like him so much, for whom it is so important to feel protected?

The content of the article:

  1. Are shades of khaki in women’s looks necessarily military?
  2. The most fashionable combinations with khaki in women’s clothing
  3. Stylish looks from stars and fashion bloggers

Khaki shades in women’s looks – is it necessarily a military?

Unlike other colors and shades, khaki has a rich history on the way of its meteoric rise to fashionable Olympus, and its permanent leadership – at its top.

It deserves its place in the most sophisticated wardrobes.

Khaki in women's clothing

A little history of khaki color in the fashion world

In women’s fashion, this shade took root in the seventies. Since then, he has not left the fashionable Olympus.

First of all, this color is most embodied in outfits for supporters of an active lifestyle.

Khaki in the 70s
Khaki in the 70s

Since the nineties of the last century, there has been a fashion for trousers with widened legs and bulky pockets.

Khaki in the nineties
Khaki in the nineties

At the beginning of the millennium, khakis began to be replaced from military uniforms, using camouflage instead.

Even in ceremonial uniforms, the protective color was replaced by brighter, more saturated colors.

Khaki color in modern fashion: how to create a harmonious look?

Since this shade is extremely friendly with any others, it is very easy to match other outfits to it.

Khaki is especially actively used in a business suit.

Business style
Business style with khaki

Khaki in military – yes or no?

In modern fashion, this color has nothing to do with the tasks that it performed in military uniform. He does not disguise, but on the contrary – makes a woman more visible.

And its military style in the current khaki is very controversial. It remains if a woman wants to embody her in her own image. But there will be no trace of brutality if the owner of clothing in a protective color forms a romantic or classic image.


Khaki outfit color palette: which is better to choose?

Khaki comes in different shades:

  • Outfits in delicate sand and light beige tones are very popular.
  • With restraint and nobility, it gives an ashy and olive tint.
  • Chamber marsh and classic brown are irreplaceable in strict suits.
  • And in the youth fashion of the casual style, there is generally no limit to the riot of khaki shades – from dirty green to muted golden, from hay to brownish yellow.

Perhaps this color is so popular because, subconsciously, a woman is drawn to natural shades, and not to brutal military colors. But khaki is the color of the earth and plants. Hence the solid protective shade in fashionable looks.

Khaki total bow
Khaki total bow

What colors are best to combine khaki color in women’s clothes – the most fashionable combinations with khaki shades

Khaki may seem boring only to an uninitiated person. In fact, it is very rich in semitones.

It goes well with many other khaki shades, and in general with contrasting tones. Other colors on its background intensify and begin to “sound” much richer than usual. Therefore, in an image with khaki, you can safely combine any colors.

Khaki with orange and red color
Khaki with orange and red color

Khaki is used in outerwear and underwear, in accessories and shoes, in feminine dresses and business suits.

It looks especially organic in leather products.

Khaki in accessories
Khaki in accessories

Khaki in autumn-winter shades

As for seasonality, khaki is acceptable at any time of the year. But it looks most natural towards the end of summer, when autumn is approaching.

This color goes well with other protective shades, with lighter and darker outfits. Fall colors go well with it, including red and golden yellow.

It looks great with different shades of blue, fuchsia, turquoise, as well as deep blacks.

The combination of khaki with jeans
The combination of khaki with jeans

Khaki in light colors

Khaki in pastel shades of clothing is also irresistible. But at the same time, it is important to choose your own, individual protective shade.

So, if a set of clothes contains elements of pink, turquoise, light green, peach, light purple, transparent lemon shades, then khaki, in this case, it is better to choose sand, beige and even mustard. This will make the onion more tender and crisp.

Khaki with pale green
Khaki with pale green

Khaki with dark and vibrant colors

Also khaki can go well with olive color. But at the same time, it is important that the khaki itself is closer to brown, so as not to give the image a pale inexpressiveness.

A set of khaki with bright, saturated shades of clothing looks very elegant. But white with khaki will give the image a unique purity.

Khaki with white
Khaki with white

Women’s trousers – we make a choice taking into account the figure

Khaki stylistic combinations

Outfits in this color are especially popular in ethnic style, as well as in military – and, undoubtedly, in safari.

A woman in such styles looks unusually touching and defenseless.


How and with what do modern women wear khaki clothes?

According to the fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko, khaki is perfectly complemented with other colors. It will suit women who are tired of the standard black, blue, brown bases in the image.

Khaki never goes out of style. It matches perfectly with the military style. Even without direct allusions, it is perfectly diluted with other colors, textures and shapes.

As a reflection of nature, khaki matches the hues of a variety of flowering plants, including cherry blossom. This mutes the base of the military and makes it more delicate and feminine.

A bright point in the form of shoes or an accessory in a rich color can complete the look. One such detail in a khaki total bow is enough for him to express all his nobility.

Vintage Banana Republic
Vintage Banana Republic

Khaki in the works of great couturiers

The logical trend for the coming fall is safari-style khaki. His presence is assumed in images with delicate olive shades.

For example, Phillip lim presented a collection in which the basic is a solid image, the basis of which is voluminous trousers, a creative top and an olive-colored cape.

Veta khaki outfit by Phillip Lim Khaki Outfit by Phillip Lim

Khaki is also present in outfits from Spicy mustard… His safari style became the basis of the whole collection and Ports 1961,

Khaki by Spicy Mustard Khaki by Spicy Mustard

Topshop Unique gave a touch of trendy khaki to the collection in military style.

Hacks from Topshop Unique Hacks from Topshop Unique

In outfits from Vera Wong women reveal their Amazon essence.

Khaki by Vera Wang Khaki by Vera Wang

Boss dressed up in olive color for business women.

Khaki Sheath Dress by Boss Khaki Sheath Dress by Boss

Fashion designers work great with shades of khaki Nina Ricci housesusing it in a wide variety of fabrics and textures, from faux fur to natural silk, from frivolous sequins to exquisite lace.

Also actively create images with this color couturier from Sportmax, Valentino and Dior

The opinion of a fashion blogger

Hacks are also appreciated by trendy bloggers.

So, Margarita Maslova classifies this color as one of the four main colors in the autumn-winter season. It is basic in many looks, equivalently replacing black.

Khaki perfectly supports the military style, finding embodiment in tight blouses-shirts, business trench coats, strict coats, sheath dresses that can be worn from September to May.

For winter, you can stock up on coarse “a la men’s boots” boots, brutal bags, thick belts.

Khaki outfits according to the advice of Margarita Maslova Khaki outfits according to the advice of Margarita Maslova

Stars choose khakis

Stylish, bright, khaki looks dignified in its various shades in the images created by world couturiers for the stars of the first magnitude, including Cate Blanchett, Barbara Palvin, Rachel Zoey, Angelina Jolie.

In them, they went out onto the Red carpet.

Stars in khaki clothes Stars in khaki clothes Stars in khaki clothes Stars in khaki clothes Stars in khaki clothes

How affordable are hacks from top brands?

Today, many can afford to buy outfits in khaki colors from famous designers. And they do not get tired of daring with this bottomless color.

For example, how advantageous the sand-colored protective coat from Christian Dior looks compared to standard black outfits. And its price is at least $ 4000.

Christian-dior-pre-fall-18 Christian-dior-pre-fall-18

Any woman can find her khaki shade. It’s just that when choosing, you need to take into account where she is going to go in it, which is more suitable for her figure and color type.

Although this color can be safely attributed to the most universal.

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