Kira – the nature and origin of the name. The meaning of the name Cyrus

There are more than 10 thousand different names in the world. Did you know that each of them is fraught with a certain secret? Solving it means getting closer to the answer about your purpose.

Psychologists, astrologers and numerologists look at the question of interpreting the meaning of human complaints differently. We talked with experts in different fields of knowledge to collect interesting information for you about the female name Cyrus.

Cyrus name meaning

Meaning and origin

The bearer of the criticism in question is a strong, independence-minded woman. She clearly understands what she wants from life.

The name has a Greek Catholic origin and an interesting history of its origin. According to the popular version, the girls began to be called “Kirami” in honor of the brave Greek warrior Kyros. It translates as “master” or “lord”.

The meaning of the name Cyrus is directly related to the nature of its bearer. There are many masculine traits in him, such as, for example, courage and determination. From a woman named so, male energy comes in part. Nevertheless, for members of the opposite sex, it remains a mystery. It is not easy to understand such a girl, especially if she is in no hurry to reveal her soul.

The criticism in question endows its carrier with a very strong temperament. It is difficult to overlook it. Such a woman knows how to make a pleasant impression on others and not let them forget herself.

Interesting! In the ranking of the popularity of female names, Kira occupies the 25th position.


Young Kiryusha is not lacking in courage. Such a girl is a natural born leader. She knows how to convince her comrades of her innocence and make them act according to her plan.

From an early age, she seeks to surround herself exclusively with like-minded people. It is important for her that people admire her and seek to indulge in everything. He avoids those who do not express sympathy.

She is clearly aware of her needs and stubbornly moves towards their satisfaction. She is a very purposeful girl.
Growing up, she becomes an even more strong-willed person.

She is characterized by the following character traits:

  • determination;
  • impatience;
  • eccentricity (sometimes even eccentricity);
  • purposefulness, perseverance.

Little Kira's personality

The character of the bearer of this gripe is somewhat reminiscent of a man’s, but she radiates a powerful feminine energy. Representatives of the stronger sex quickly fall in love with such women, who they associate with impregnable fortresses.

Despite her strength and ambition, Kira has a very gentle and gentle personality. She will never allow a weak person to be offended in her presence. She is friendly and welcoming by nature. I am ready to patronize those who need it. However, he will not allow anyone to abuse his kindness.

Important! Such a woman has an important feature – she is ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of those who are dear to her.

The people around Kira probably consider her a strong, but complex personality. She is not without flaws, such as intransigence and impatience. Sometimes a girl behaves rudely, especially if her interlocutors are narrow-minded, but too self-confident people. She is also vindictive and vindictive. He will not forget the insult inflicted earlier and, on occasion, will always organize just retribution.

The nature of the name Cyrus is largely contradictory. On the one hand, its bearer is gentle and kind, but on the other hand, she is too straightforward and inclined towards independence.

It is extremely important for such a person to achieve their goals, and to do it without anyone’s help. She is brave and determined. Due to excessive impulsiveness, he can commit acts that he later regrets.

The bearer of the name in question is annoyed by people who are not confident in their own abilities, closed and boorish. She likes to communicate with people as strong and pragmatic as she is. However, they should not seek to gain the upper hand over her. Otherwise, the girl will stop communicating with them.

Marriage and family

A strong, self-confident man who prefers to solve family issues on his own will certainly be able to interest Kira, but she is unlikely to build a serious relationship with him.

Kira's family life

It is extremely important for such an ambitious woman like her to be clearly aware of her own worth and understand that the last word is hers.

Therefore, to create a family in which there will be harmonious relationships between partners, she needs a man who will:

  • soft;
  • caring;
  • compromise;
  • patient;
  • very loving and gentle.

Kira is not inclined to start a serious relationship early. It takes time for her to start trusting the representatives of the stronger sex. She usually gets married after 25 years.

He does not like the soul in his offspring. Often indulges, seeks to spend all free time with them.

Maintains a warm relationship with her husband until a ripe old age, but may have a strong interest in other men. Often starts romances on the side, for example at work.

Work and career

Kira is an excellent analyst, organizer and negotiator. She has tons of talents! That is why she will surely achieve success in almost any field.

Recommended activities for her:

  • business;
  • psychology;
  • marketing;
  • logistics;
  • financial analytics.

The carrier of this criticism has well-developed logic and all cognitive functions (attention, memorization, observation, etc.), so she should do work in which the manifestation of such character traits as determination, patience and creativity is necessary.

Kira's career

Monotonous and boring work, in which Kira will not be able to rapidly advance up the career ladder, will never interest her.


Such a woman does not have a predisposition to specific pathologies. And if she is sick, then she can only blame herself for this, or rather an incorrectly organized way of life.

The following trend is observed – from early childhood to student years, Kira often suffers from the flu and colds. The reason for this is the rejection of the insulation required in cold weather.

Advice: To be healthier and less sick, exercise regularly and eat more fortified foods. But the main thing is to wear warm clothes with the onset of cold weather.

Did you recognize yourself by our description, Kira? Please share your answers in the comments.

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