Kitchen tools – unusual, but comfortable

Did you know that the average woman spends 18 years in the kitchen during her life? Unfortunately, for most ladies, cooking consists of a set of monotonous operations, after which it is also necessary to clean up the rubble. How to turn a routine into a fun process? It’s very easy to use smart kitchen gadgets. In this article, you will get acquainted with interesting gizmos that can make life easier for any housewife.

Curly rolling pins – beauty, and only

Do you like to treat family and guests with homemade cakes? If so, you should get some curly rolling pins. They will allow you to make cookies with beautiful patterns and designs.

The kitchen fixture can be purchased from many online retailers including AliExpress. Better take wooden products. They usually have more detailed designs than plastic and silicone rolling pins.

Curly rolling pins

Fruit washing net – 100% pure

Among the convenient accessories for the kitchen, the grid should be highlighted. It is easily suspended from the tap and allows you to wash fruits (vegetables) in a matter of seconds.

Important! The main advantage of the fruit net is hygiene. After washing the fruits, there are no areas with dirt and microbes on the fruits (as opposed to a shell or a colander).

Pans organizer – cram the impossible

While forks, spoons and plates are easy to hide in your kitchen cupboard, pans are not. The latter take up a huge amount of space and annoy the owners with their appearance.

Fortunately, useful kitchen gadgets will solve the problem. The organizer is a compact, thin wire stand. You can easily fit 5-6 large pans into it. The organizer can be placed on the kitchen shelf or attached to the cabinet door from the inside.

Pans organizer

Magnetic knife strip – everything at hand

Knife storage devices in the kitchen are out of date. They take up extra space and are a breeding ground for bacteria. It is much more convenient to place a magnet on the wall and attach metal devices to it.

Attention! A magnetic stripe with knives should not be hung in a house where small children live.

Electronic nose – protect your stomach

Every person has bought spoiled goods in a store at least once in his life. Expired fish and meat, milk drinks, cheese are especially dangerous for health.

In 2014, scientists from Kaunas University of Technology developed a very valuable home kitchen gadget – an “electronic nose”. The device has the following principle of operation:

  1. Recognizes volatile substances (including hazardous compounds) like the receptors in the human nose.
  2. Analyzes temperature and humidity.
  3. Determines the freshness of the product.

The “electronic nose” easily reveals the tricks of sellers trying to sell spoiled food. The device is synchronized with a smartphone and displays all the information on the screen.

Smart thermometer – always juicy meat

Meat eaters should take a closer look at such unusual kitchen gadgets as smart thermometers and pans. These devices are equipped with sensors that detect the temperature of the product.

smart thermometer

You no longer have to worry about the meat being undercooked or dry. Information about the readiness of the dish will be displayed on the display of the device or on the screen of a smartphone.

Tablet holder – instead of a TV

Why not combine cooking with watching your favorite TV show or TV show? Tablet holders are interesting gadgets for the kitchen. Thanks to them, you can place the monitor right under your nose and enjoy the video.

Important! Holders are especially useful for those who are used to preparing dishes according to strict recipes. You no longer have to switch attention from the host of the show to your own kitchen every minute.

Bag storage box – freedom for kitchen drawers

Plastic bags, despite their light weight, quickly clog the shelves and stick out from everywhere. Simple do-it-yourself kitchen appliances will instantly solve the batch issue.

Use a regular wet wipe box to store the rustling bags. And to optimize the space, glue it with tape to the inside of the cabinet door.

bag storage box

Container with a timer – “lock” mouth

Even people who are on a diet always have sweets and cookies “just in case” at home. This leads to breakdowns and feelings of guilt.

A timer container can help prevent overeating and unnecessary snacks. You need to set in advance the time during which you cannot approach food. And the smart box won’t open.

Most of the kitchen helpers listed in the article are sold in online stores for a penny. They do not take up much space in the house. Useful gadgets can save you time, frustration, and make cooking fun.

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