La Myia Good Net Worth

La Myia Good Net Worth – Facts About Actress and Singer La Myia Good

La myia Good has been an American actress and singer working in film for over twenty years, earning herself recognition within the industry due to hard work and dedication towards her profession. She has worked on various projects which earned critical acclaim and widespread praise; additionally she dabbles in music as former member of R&B band Isyss; managing to balance both aspects of life successfully by adhering to certain principles in life and work.

Born September 27th 1979 in Panorama City California. She has an actress sister named Meagan Good and mother Tyra Wardlow-Doyle works in talent management. Tyra has had several relationships before but currently remains single.

After her 2012 marriage to DeVon Franklin was terminated by divorce proceedings, she has been linked with many celebrities such as Soulja Boy, Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx, Alex Thomas, Marques Houston, 50 Cent, Hosea Chanchez and Bryce Wilson.

At present, she boasts a net worth of $1 Million thanks to her career as an actress and singer. Her primary source of income comes from acting roles in movies and TV shows, but she also earns from sales of music albums as well as online streaming.

Not only has she contributed her talents to film industry, she is also deeply committed to charitable activities. She works as a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and volunteers with Los Angeles Mission in order to assist homeless individuals. Furthermore, she advocates on behalf of LGBT community members against any form of discrimination.

She enjoys spending time with her family. She’s especially close to her daughters and likes making them feel special. She enjoys dancing and has stated that she’s an excellent cook – two traits which she believes lead to success. She possesses an optimistic and resilient approach towards hard work and dedication leading to a bright future. She avers that she avoids negative people and focuses on what is positive in life, encouraging other women to follow their dreams and pursue whatever goals they set themselves. She serves as a role model and inspiration to many young girls alike. Additionally, she holds firm faith in God and is highly spiritual. She serves as an inspiration and role model to all those women striving to achieve their goals in life. She has managed to carve out a niche for herself within the industry while encouraging young artists to follow their passions and work hard towards fulfilling them. We all wish her nothing but success in the future!

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