only 1% of people can see the animal in the picture

Do you think you are good at noticing details and thinking outside the box? Do you love puzzles and mind games? Then this test is for you.

So, there is an animal in the picture, and this optical illusion will surely make you sweat over it. If you manage to find a mysterious beast, then you will be among 1% of people who are able to quickly solve this puzzle within two minutes.

Can you do it?

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Test: only 1% of people can see the animal in the picture

In the picture, you clearly see a very middle-aged man in a checkered cap, on his face an expression of sadness, disappointment and even irritation.

Do not hurry. Take another look.

Here are some tips if you can’t see the animal in the picture:

  1. Look at the nose. Don’t you think he’s a bit odd in shape?
  2. Look at the old man’s left ear. Human ears don’t look like that.
  3. Now look at the eyes very, very carefully. Something is wrong with them.
  4. Also, notice the symmetry of his hairline.
  5. The beard is weird too.
  6. And the old man’s cap is very suspicious!

Focus on answering these questions and you can spot the animal!

If you still can’t see it, you need to make a simple move to find the beast.

Just turn the picture upside down!

And here’s a clue for you:

Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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The animal hidden in the picture is a cute puppy sitting on a small rug and chewing on its bone.

If you immediately realized what was wrong in the picture, then this means:

  • You notice little things right away, and you have good eyesight.
  • You still have an inner child in you, because children in general are much more attentive to the pictures, and they notice the slightly unusual details of the image much faster.

If you passed this test, congratulations, you are ranked among the 1% of unique people in the world.

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