Laysan Utyasheva and her beauty secrets

A young mother, an athlete and just a beauty Laysan Utyasheva amazes her fans with an impeccable figure, smooth and clean skin, unsurpassed humor. And if her husband, showman Pavel Volya, most likely helps her with jokes, then not only stylists and cosmetologists stand behind the girl’s beauty, but also the TV presenter herself, who is anxious and attentive to her appearance.

Lyaysan Utyasheva

Secret number 1: no plastics!

Fans and envious girls do not stop looking for signs of the intervention of plastic surgeons in her appearance. Despite the fact that she herself has repeatedly stated her negative attitude to plastic surgery, collages of Lyaysan Utyasheva before and after the alleged operation do not cease to appear on the Internet.

“I am one of those girls who are not ashamed of their appearance,” she repeatedly said in her interviews. – Women under 50 do not need to go under the knife. Healthy food, timely care, sports and fresh air are what will keep you young for years to come. “

The arguments of the envious stars, who claim that she did not do without surgery, do not stand up to criticism – almost all the pictures of Laysan Utyasheva before the plastic are photographs after the pregnancy period, when the girl gained a little weight and was struggling to regain her former shape.

Healthy nutrition so that the skin is always young and healthy from nutritionist Irina Erofeevskaya

Secret # 2: the power of herbs and living water

In the series of “Beauty Academy” Laysan Utyasheva began to reveal to the fans the secrets of her beauty. In one of the programs, she mentioned that the key to healthy and clean skin is in simple but effective procedures, which her mother and grandmother told her about.


“Women attach too much importance to modern cosmetics,” the TV presenter shared her thoughts. – Hyaluronic acid, enzymes … All this can be successfully replaced by natural products, herbs and a sauna. The main thing is to know how to use them. “

The famous gymnast had to apply her first make-up at a young age during the competition. The competition regulations required the cosmetics to be bright, but no one monitored their quality. In those years, the athlete’s mother and grandmother taught the girl simple rules for skin care. Many years have passed since then, relatives have long been dead, Laysan Utyasheva has a new life, and simple but effective procedures still accompany her every day.

And now let’s dwell in more detail:

  1. Every morning the girl washes herself with cool spring water. If it is not at hand, it uses unboiled mineral water. This tones the skin and nourishes it with useful substances.
  2. Herbs are what an athlete always has in her home medicine cabinet. Frozen chamomile decoction helps her from bags under the eyes. Mint and lemon balm, added to a hot bath, relieves fatigue. Strongly brewed chamomile is good for skin whitening. St. John’s wort is effective against redness and swelling.

Medicinal herbs for the face

“I come back from filming and the first thing I do is wash my face with herbal infusion,” Laysan Utyasheva shares online on her Instagram. “This is a simple procedure that evens out skin tone right before our eyes, making it radiant and smooth.”

Secret number 3: kumis and bath

No matter how much Laysan Utyasheva tries spa treatments, the Russian bath remains the best salon for her. There she makes honey wraps and exfoliates the skin with a mixture of freshly ground coffee and sea salt.

Once a month Laysan Utyasheva always takes a bath with kumis in the proportion of 30% kumis to 70% water. After this procedure, the skin becomes smooth, silky and soft.

Secret # 4: the right man

Laysan Utyasheva herself in 2019 admitted that it is her husband’s love that helps her look great in any situation.

“He never indulges in cruel jokes or inadequate criticism of me,” she said in an interview with Woman Days. “For Pasha, I remain a beauty in any form and with any figure.”

Laysan Utyasheva Pavel Volya

Indeed, numerous photos of Laysan Utyasheva with Pavel Volya clearly demonstrate that the girl is happy in this relationship. And the absence of stress and a positive attitude is the best prevention of aging, diseases and skin problems.

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