Leslie Quezada Net Worth

Leslie Quezada is an influencer on social media who has gained a large following for her beautiful personality. Her net worth has been estimated at $13 million by various online sources. She and her partner Alex Galindo have a YouTube channel and collaborate in various social media pictures and videos. The couple has a son together named Gael Gianni.

Leslie Quezada is a successful businesswoman and a member of the board of directors of her own company. She has also cultivated a following for herself on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, she has a large number of Instagram followers. In fact, she has a high engagement ratio on her Instagram account.

Quezada’s Instagram page has over 1.3 million followers. She earns money from sponsored Instagram posts. Moreover, her videos receive over 3 million views every month. She also receives ad revenue through her YouTube channel. Moreover, she also earns from merchandising and sponsorship deals.

Leslie Quezada is a self-made entrepreneur who has built a YouTube channel. Her channel has over one million subscribers and her net worth is expected to hit $800k by 2022. She studied business accounting at the University of Texas at El Paso. Before she began her career, she worked part-time as a waitress and did modeling gigs.

Leslie Quezada is a 27-year-old social media star from El Paso, Texas. She has earned a large net worth through her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts have millions of followers. She is also active on imdb and tiktok.

Leslie Quezada has a huge net worth largely derived from her YouTube channel and a variety of sponsorship deals. She uses her YouTube account to show off her makeup and baking recipes. She also has her own makeup line, which generates decent money from sponsored posts and endorsements.

Leslie Quezada was born in El Paso, Texas and studied business at the University of Texas at El Paso. Her parents have appeared in some of her YouTube videos. She currently resides in El Paso, Texas with her husband. In addition, she has been active on social media, sharing beautiful pictures and videos. In 2018, she released a house tour video on YouTube. This was followed by over 1.9 million followers.

Leslie Quezada has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her career has spanned five years, and she has amassed a wealth of over $1 million. As a make-up artist and a YouTuber, she has gained a significant following. In addition to her YouTube channel, she also has a successful Instagram page with 1.4 million followers. Her wealth is mainly earned through sponsorship deals and advertisements.

Leslie Quezada is a YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok star. Her fan base is growing fast and she is constantly adding new content to her accounts. In addition to creating a platform for herself, she also has a music career.

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