Losing weight without exercise: is it really possible?

Spending hours on the elliptical and sweating it out in the crowded gym not your thing? Or you simply don’t have the time for long workouts? Then we have good news: You don’t have to throw your diet plans overboard because you can lose weight without exercising. Above all, a healthy diet is important. With these tips, losing weight is guaranteed!

As the saying goes? Abs are made in the kitchen! And there is actually something to that saying. Because if you believe nutrition and fitness experts, it is more important for the success of a diet to be disciplined when eating than to always go to the gym diligently. The lion’s share (roughly 70%) can be attributed to proper nutrition, with sport contributing only 30% to successful dieting. So that means in plain language: A simple weight reduction – without looking at fat and muscle mass – is therefore also possible without sport.

But: If you exercise regularly in addition to a conscious diet, you are not only doing your health a favor – the weight loss is also much more sustainable. This is hardly surprising when you consider that muscle mass burns more calories than fat – even at rest. In plain language, this means that if you exercise regularly and build muscle, you increase your basal metabolic rate, so you can eat more and have a lower risk of the dreaded yo-yo effect. The weight loss is much more sustainable, the new weight can be maintained much easier, also because sport stimulates the metabolism. If you also want to get your body in the best possible shape, there is no way around sport, quite apart from the body feeling and the health benefits that regular exercise brings with it.

If you can pull yourself together for a minimum of exercise, you should try the 12-3-30 workout. Because with this workout you don’t have to run or lift weights for hours. The American Lauren Giraldo invented the 12-3-30 workout. She herself was able to lose a lot of weight with her training years earlier. Now her TikTok video featuring a new way to lose weight has gone viral: all you have to do is walk at a moderate pace on a treadmill. The secret: the incline.

Because that’s what the numbers mean: The 12 refers to the incline, the three to the speed (3 miles per hour corresponds to 4.83 km/h) and the 30 stands for the duration that you should do the training, i.e. 30 minutes. With this effective training method, Lauren has found a solution for those who don’t want to struggle.

Still not convinced? Then you should take the following everyday tips to heart. Because if you make small changes in your diet, you can also save or burn a few calories without exercising and thus save yourself a trip to the gym.

If you don’t like sports and exercise, but still want to lose a few kilos, you have to be particularly disciplined when it comes to healthy eating. Plus point: Those who are not physically active usually feel less hungry than ambitious athletes. Highly recommended: clean eating. This is not a classic diet, but a way of eating that helps you to achieve and maintain your personal desired weight in the long term. Only natural foods are on the menu, industrially processed food is largely avoided. Just like on sugar or artificial sweeteners. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain products and high-quality organic meat and fish end up on the plate. Cooking yourself is popular, because this is the only way to be sure that meals are actually “clean” – and it is also easier to keep an eye on the calories, which is particularly important when losing weight without exercising.

If you want to lose weight particularly quickly, you should also note the following points:

reduce carbohydrates

If you want to lose weight quickly without exercising, you should avoid empty carbohydrates, i.e. classic white flour and industrial sugar. Rather rely on slow carbs (healthy carbohydrates): vegetables, legumes and whole grain products that do not cause the blood sugar level to fluctuate too much and keep you full for a long time. This prevents cravings and it’s so much easier to stick with it! A special fat burner trick for losing weight without exercising: Every now and then in the evening, completely do without carbohydrates. This pushes fat burning and you become slim while you sleep!

Consume more proteins

What you save on carbohydrates should be added to the proteins, because studies (eg the so-called Diogenes study) have shown that a protein-rich diet releases satiety hormones in the body and is therefore particularly helpful for weight loss. And anyone who thinks that they have to eat meat and eggs every day is wrong. Many plant-based foods also contain large amounts of protein – such as lentils, soybeans or quinoa.

Protein shakes can also help you lose weight!

Drink plenty of water

The old story, but if you want to lose weight, you can’t avoid this tip: you should drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day. This stimulates the metabolism and helps with weight loss. Anyone who cannot manage that much pure water should rely on water-rich foods: Cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini or salads contain large amounts of water, fill the stomach with comparatively low calorie content and should therefore end up on the menu particularly often.

By the way, this is how losing weight with lemon water works!

Sufficient sleep

Our body regenerates while we sleep. Old cells are repaired overnight, metabolic products are removed and disposed of. The fat cells supply the energy required for this. So it is not surprising that studies show that poor sleep and lack of sleep can make you fat in the long run. Not only is fat burning blocked by a lack of sleep, the feeling of hunger also increases. If you want to lose pounds, you should make sure that you get around eight hours of sleep every night.

reduce stress

Totally underestimated: the role of stress in losing weight or dieting. Because if we are constantly energized, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which is poison for the metabolism and fat burning. By the way: Cortisol is also released when you exercise too much. What helps? Clever stress management, conscious time-outs, meditation, yoga or Pilates. And even if all those who don’t want to hear it now: regular exercise in the fresh air. In this sense: It doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout in the gym – going for a walk in the fresh air counts as a physical activity, is good for the mind and body and also helps to get rid of a kilo or two.

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