Megyn Price Net Worth

Megyn Price Net Worth

Megyn Price has amassed an immense fortune during her long and distinguished career as an American actress. Megyn has charmed audiences across both film and TV platforms with her captivating performances – she remains one of Hollywood’s most-wanted actresses due to her extensive acting abilities and charming presence – garnering her an estimated net worth estimated at between $100 Million – 200 Million USD.

Megyn Price was born in Seattle, Washington on March 24th 1971 to Mormon parents of Caucasian ethnicity and was raised as one. Megyn began acting professionally with an appearance on Quantum Leap in 1993 as a guest actor; since then she has appeared in movies and TV shows like Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Renegade, Drop Dead Diva Will & Grace as well as Lateline Alaska Mystery Alaska Lateline Lateline Lateline Lateline Lateline as a guest voice actor voice acting for various characters from Seth MacFarlane’s adult cartoon American Dad series as voice acting roles for various characters that she voices as voice actor as well.

Megyn Price made her breakthrough role as Claudia Finnerty on the comedy television series Grounded for Life from 2001 – 2004, which ran for five seasons and earned her immense recognition and fame. Through this role she amassed an extensive fan base that only increased with time as did her popularity as an actress.

After her breakout performance in Grounded for Life, Megyn Price quickly made an impactful presence known in other television series and films. She played Nancy Slaton from 1996-97 on Common Law before later portraying Gale Ingersoll from Lateline 1998 until appearing in Mystery, Alaska 1999 as well.

Megyn Price has had great success as an actor but has yet to establish herself as a film director and producer. She voiced Linda Memari in Seth MacFarlane’s animated TV series American Dad; furthermore, Megyn is also a devoted mother and wife who manages to maintain balance in both her personal and professional lives.

Megyn Price has been married to Edward Cotner since 2005; the two share daughter Grace Cotner and prefer keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight. Megyn prefers not to reveal much of her private life. At 48 years old she still works as an actress despite future plans that include writing and directing projects. We wish Megyn all of the best with any future projects!

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