Mel B reveals the secret of love with Eddie Murphy and the birth of a daughter

Mel B or Scary Spice was one of the members of the mega-popular Spice Girls (1994-2000) – very bright and memorable. After almost 15 years, the singer decided to reveal her secrets and talk about her relationship in 2006 with Eddie Murphy, who became the father of her second daughter.

True love

mel b and eddie murphy

At that time, the famous comedian was very passionate about the singer, and their short romance ended with the birth of Angel Murphy Brown, however, after the separation of Mel B and Eddie. By the way, the actor himself today has 10 children from different wives and girlfriends.

“Eddie showed me what true love is, and for that I have great respect and admiration for him,” Mel B admitted to the publication Mirror UK

Unusual date

She was quite candid and talked about how she and Eddie met at his Beverly Hills mansion in June 2006. The actor already had sympathy for the singer and wanted to ask her out on a date, but Mel B preferred communication in a different setting:

“He planned to invite me to dinner one on one, but I went to his house for some kind of crowded party. He looked at me with such a look! I got scared and hid in the toilet, and then decided to run away from there altogether.

Mel B tried to lie to Eddie that she was leaving because she was allegedly invited to another party in the West Hollywood area, but the actor instantly understood the girl’s embarrassment and volunteered to accompany her. “Then he asked me:” Can I spend with you every day? “– recalls Mel B.

mel b and eddie murphy 2

The wedding did not take place, but the child was born

So their romance began, and the couple in love, it seemed, did not part for a minute. Eddie Murphy took his beloved to Mexico for a romantic weekend, and after a couple of months they started talking about a possible wedding. Eddie, like a real gentleman, even asked Mel’s father for her hand.

“Then we came up with the design of our wedding rings and planned a child, then I got pregnant – and it was all over,” the singer describes that period.

Their relationship deteriorated, and after another quarrel, Mel B went to her mother, hoping that Eddie would try to get her back. However, he calmly told the publication PEOPLE:

“I don’t know whose child this is. Let’s wait until he is born to do the test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions. “

Love of all life

Scary Spice
Scary Spice

Former Scary Spice was furious with the words of her failed groom, especially since later DNA analysis confirmed that baby Angel was Eddie Murphy’s daughter. The first few years, the actor had little interest in the fate of the girl and did not maintain any contacts with Mel B. However, now they reconciled, became friends, and the singer realized that it was Eddie who was the love of her life.

“There was something special between us that I never really felt with anyone else,” Mel B says. – He was unusual. He was unique. He is the love of my life and will remain it forever. “

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