7 psychological portraits of men from “Game of Thrones”

The series “Game of Thrones” is not only about war, intrigue and dragons, but also about love. The main and secondary characters fall in love, get married, and do big and small stupidity or deeds in the name of their loved ones.

Using the example of the seven most striking male characters of the series, we study the behavior patterns of the stronger sex in relationships.

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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1. Jaime Lannister – “addict”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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He is not just a monogamous person who is used to being faithful to his one and only, he is the one who puts his Love in the center of the Universe, and he himself revolves around it.

One glance of his muse is enough to make him travel overseas or gallop off to fight in a tournament. Such a man sincerely dreams of living with his beloved all his life and dying with her on the same day.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

How many of us don’t want to be the Queen for a beautiful knight? Of course, his ardent passion, devotion and romance cannot but bribe, and at the beginning of a relationship, any young lady will be happy to feel like herself.

But then such love runs the risk of becoming real shackles, a suffocating prison. He follows you everywhere, jealous of every pillar, calls every minute and periodically terrorizes you with dramatic scenes.

2. Jon Snow – “principled”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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There is a place for love and romance in his life, but principles, vows and honor are always more important to him, and he is not ready to sacrifice them for the sake of relationships.

Therefore, if the beloved does not share his beliefs and is not ready to play by his rules, then, alas, she will have to disappear from his biography.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

Honesty and adherence to principles in everything is his main advantage. He will not play around, get out and lie to you, but will always tell you everything as it is. And he will not back down from his principles and words: he said – he did.

The only nuance of a relationship with such a person is his inflexibility and inability to even slightly adjust his rules for the sake of others.

3. Tyrion Lannister – “guardian”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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Wise with life experience and emotionally mature, he always prefers to perform the function of a male father next to a weak, vulnerable and slightly infantile special, a kind of princess. Any of her whims will be fulfilled once or twice, whether it be a luxurious life in the capital, lemon cakes or victory in the war.

He tries to lead his girlfriend through life literally by the handle, helping, prompting and supporting in everything.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

Next to such a man, comfort, tranquility and safety are guaranteed, it is with him that you can feel like a really “weaker sex”, because he is used to solving all problems on his own.

In real life, it is he who will screw in the light bulbs, buy kefir and go to the parents’ meeting so that his beloved can rest. But playing in a loving and caring husband, he risks not noticing how others sit on his neck.

4. Tommen Baratheon – “ward”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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No matter how old he is – nine or thirty-nine – a “good boy” will always obey his mother, who is an indisputable authority for him.

And if suddenly another woman appears in his life, then, at best, she will have to take on the role of a mother, and at worst, also compete with her mother-in-law for the right to take care of her son.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

The plus in a relationship with a male son is obvious: he is obedient, well-mannered, polite and compliant. Everything will be as he is told. But his independence will always raise doubts, because he is used to the fact that everything is always decided for him.

5. Ramsey Bolton – “overwhelming”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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In public, he can be gallant, but behind closed doors he instantly turns into a real tyrant. His authority in the family is built on fear, psychological destruction and suppression of others.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

There are no advantages in a relationship with an abuser and there never will be. His only goal is to increase his self-esteem by humiliating others.

6. Gray Worm – “distancing”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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Of course, there are human feelings in him, but he so carefully and skillfully hides them under the armor of a stern man, protector and warrior that from the outside it may seem like he is a callous cracker.

Whatever happens, he keeps all his experiences to himself and certainly hides from his beloved, considering any manifestations of emotions to be “weakness.” And even if the end of the world breaks out, he will not lead an eyebrow, at least he will not show it.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

Perhaps as a child, he was often told that “Boys don’t cry” or teased at school as a slobber, in any case, the habit of not showing emotions became part of his nature.

Yes, at certain moments it may even look attractive, because, like a superhero, he is never afraid, does not whine, does not despair, does not get nervous. But he is also stingy with other emotions, and a woman always needs warmth.

7. Oberyn Martell – “adventurous”

7 psychological portraits of men on the example of the heroes of
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Serious relationships, commitments, a quiet life in a quiet haven – this is not about him. His whole life consists of an endless series of dizzying adventures in the love sphere too.

He cannot do without flirting, will not miss a single beauty and with all his hands and feet for an open relationship. Adrenaline, drive and the desire to show his prowess – that’s what always drives him.

Its strengths and weaknesses:

Such a person is charming, charismatic and, regardless of age, is attractive to the opposite sex, whose representatives are always hovering next to him.

Therefore, if you dream of a stable and reliable relationship, next to him you will have a hard time.

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