What do you see in the picture – psychological test

All people have associative thinking. By its specifics, it is possible to determine what kind of mood a person is, whether he has mental trauma, whether he is agitated, and the like.

Have you heard that thought is material? This is indeed the case. The fears, anxieties and fears that we experience are firmly rooted in our subconscious mind, making it impossible to live normally. If they are present, real threats appear. Find out what could be dangerous for you with our psychological test.

The picture below is your visual trigger. When you look at it, you will have certain associations that need to be deciphered.

Instructions for passing the test:

  1. Get into a comfortable position. Relax.
  2. Close your eyes for 5-7 seconds. Take a few deep breaths.
  3. Throw away all unnecessary thoughts, focusing only on yourself.
  4. Imagine yourself in a comfortable environment for you, for example, on the seashore.
  5. Open your eyes and look at the picture. You shouldn’t look at it, considering new elements. The first thing you saw needs decoding!
Colady illustration


You are most likely under emotional stress. This is most likely due to work or finances. The danger for you at the current stage of your life is self-flagellation and fear of lack of money.

If in the near future you are planning to do business or conclude a financial deal, it is better to postpone it for later. Otherwise, the risk of failure is high. What is it caused by? Of course, the fear of making a mistake.

Now the main thing for you is to find emotional balance, in other words, to calm down. Try to avoid work-related stress as much as possible. Do not openly confront your colleagues, especially those who provoke you to negativity. And also – do not overwork! Remember your loved ones who need you. It is unlikely that they are pleased with your tired look and lack of strength.

Remember! For now, you’d better step back from important financial challenges.

Try to delegate your authority to colleagues or friends as much as possible. Do not lend money! There is a high risk that it will not be returned to you.


If the first thing you saw in the picture is a cat, know that you have an ill-wisher and, perhaps, not even one. It is not for nothing that in psychodiagnostics this graceful beast symbolizes cunning and hypocrisy.

Most likely, there are secret envious people in your immediate environment. They sincerely wish you failure and are ready to do anything to make you stumble. There is a high risk that one of them even wants to seriously harm you.

Therefore, if you suspect someone of your acquaintances of hypocrisy and ill intentions towards yourself, cut off any social contact with him. Protect yourself from the karmic negativity that can come from such people. Believe me, you will lose little if you exclude from your environment a potential envious person, a liar or a hypocrite.

Important! An ill-wisher can hide anywhere: at work, behind a store counter, on a staircase, and even in your immediate environment.


You probably feel pleasure that you do not have to be responsible for anything, rush to carry out important assignments, strive for the best, and so on. Your life is now in a state of stagnation and you clearly enjoy it.

Carelessness is good, but not always. Now you are clearly relaxed, or rather, loose. Such a state is dangerous, because, arriving in it, you do not develop, do not strive for anything, do not try to improve the world around you.

Understand that a person who has achieved everything can allow himself to be in a state of looseness and irresponsibility, but you have not finished what you have been striving for since childhood, right?

You need to put yourself in order and preferably urgently!

A few important tips:

  1. Do not put off important things “for later”.
  2. Pay more attention to family and friends.
  3. Make the best use of your time.
  4. Walk more outdoors.
  5. Exercise regularly.

Following these recommendations will significantly improve your quality of life! Doubt? You won’t know for sure if you don’t check!

And the last thing – listen to the advice that your loved ones give you.


Danger, as such, does not threaten you. However, you run the risk of being trapped in your own delusions. You are probably too critical of the people around you. Your position in life is very radical.

To become a happier person, you are encouraged to compromise more often and be more tolerant. Surely the people around you think you are too detached and distrustful person. But you can make contact with them!

The main thing is to learn how to suppress negative emotions, for example, not to feel jealous of your significant other out of the blue or to condemn those who are not like you. Remember, people are different. And if someone is different from you, this does not mean that he is worse. Be kinder to others and to yourself!

Did you like our test? Leave your answers in the comments!

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