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Rapper Merkules’s Net Worth and Tattoos

Merkules’s estimated net worth is somewhere between $1 Million and $5 Million dollars. As a successful Rapper, he has earned a good amount of money. Merkules’ tattoos can also be seen, which is probably how he made so much money. It is worth celebrating that he is still alive and has children. To find out how much Merkules has, please read the rest this article.

Merkules’ real name is Cole Stevenson

Canadian rapper Merkules was born on September 27, 1992 as Cole Stevenson. He is the son a painter and his real name Cole Stevenson. His music videos have amassed more than six hundred and seventy-million views on YouTube. He is also active on social media and has millions of followers. He has been nominated twice for the Western Canadian Music Awards and has collaborated extensively with high-profile artists.

He began rapping at the age of fifteen. He was inspired by freestyle rap and eventually teamed up with Snak The Ripper. He released “Scars”, an album about his life experiences. It details the brutal attack he received while touring. He began touring with his mom’s Honda Civic as a teenager, and rapped in the backseat. He also has a supportive family, including his mother Brenda, a seamstress, and his father, Mark, a janitor.

Merkules was inspired by the music of Swollen Members and Saukrates. Although he hasn’t had many fans, his success in rapping has made him a worldwide celebrity. He developed his rapping skills at open-mic events and began rapping over the instruments of famous musicians. His raps have been viewed by millions on Youtube, and his music videos have received huge amounts of attention.

The Canadian rapper Merkules is one of the best known hip-hop artists of all time. His hard work and dedication has brought him to the forefront of the music scene. He has over 200k subscribers to his YouTube channel and has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio programs. His rise was slow but his honesty about his struggles with substance abuse and mental health was just as impressive as his music.

Merkules’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 Million and $5 Million.

Merkules, a Canadian rapper, is a well-known figure with millions of fans on social media. His videos have garnered over 673 million views on YouTube. Almost 100 million people have listened to his music. Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Merkules was first introduced to rapping when he was twelve years old. Merkules became a prominent figure in Vancouver’s hip-hop scene.

According to several sources, Merkules’ estimated net worth is between one and five million dollars. Merkules’ primary career as a Rapper earned him a lot of money. He is married and has three children, although he is not currently engaged. Despite the estimated net worth of Merkules, he is still very much alive and healthy. He was diagnosed with depression in his teens and suffered from facial scarring. In order to overcome these problems, he turned to music.

The song “I Can’t Lose” by Merkules has earned him a considerable amount of money. His success has been credited to the support of his family and friends, who helped him become the popular rap artist he is today. His music has been viewed over 316 million times on YouTube and more than 50 streams online. The estimated net worth of the singer is between $1 million to $5 million. Merkules currently earns a portion of his net wealth through music sales, endorsements and social media.

His music is about mental health

Merkules, a rapper, is not unfamiliar with mental health issues. His lyrical talents are evident in his new video, “Bass.” Merkules raps about the chaos of his life and overcoming depression. He has been featured on Dr. Phil McGraw’s self-help program. He offers advice and encouragement to fans and fellow MCs. The song is the subject of a recent viral video where over 1.5 million people watched the video.

Growing up in Surrey, British Columbia, Merkules set his sights on becoming a world-renowned rapper at the age of 12. The hip-hop scene there inspired him to write and record songs. At 16, he was subject to a terrible attack. The trauma left scarring marks that have never completely disappeared. Merkules’ 2015 album, “Scars”, addresses these issues. He focuses on breaking down stigma surrounding mental illness in his lyrics.

The song also talks about the false friends in your circle, and fake friends. Merkules isn’t married, but he’s not ashamed to admit it. Although his ex-girlfriend may not be on the record, she is very candid about her mental health and how she is fighting it through her music. Those who have suffered from mental illness have much to learn from Merkules’ music, as she aims to inspire others with her lyrics.

Merkules has remained positive despite the dark side mental illness. His recent releases include the Bacon Bits EP and the Canadian Bacon album. After his depressive episodes, Merkules’ rap career has grown significantly. Scars, his most recent album, tells the story about a horrific attack he endured as a teenager. The album showcases a vulnerable side of Merkules, and a raw emotional side.

His tattoos

The rapper, born Michael Merkules, has an estimated net worth of $3 million, but the truth behind it is much more mysterious. Merkules is still living, but his tattoos are a big part of his net worth. The artist has a tattoo of the saying “Trust Your Gut” over his belly. His body is covered in tattoos including 3 skulls on his neck and a panda head on his left chest. Merkures is also well-known for his tattoos on his arms, hands and legs.

Born in Surrey, Canada, Merkules is 26 years old. He started rapping at a young age and quickly made an impression in the Vancouver scene. He is a Libra and was previously known as Merk Mikz. At age 16, he was attacked with a baseball bat and machete and his scars were the inspiration for his debut album, “Scars.”

Although tattoos are not usually associated with rappers’ net worth, Stitches has tattoos all across his body. When he was 16 years of age, Stitches got an AK-47 tattooed on his face. He later revealed that it is his favorite gun. He also has a teddy bear on his face, and stitches across his mouth, which is a symbol of his stage name.

Kelli Kikcio, a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, is Kelli Kikcio. Her tattoos are famous for their hand-poked technique. She has a large Instagram following with over 70,000 followers. Kelli received her bachelor’s degree in design from Ryerson University in 2012 and then worked for several fashion labels in Canada. Later, she opened Boneset Studio, her own tattoo studio. Below are Kelli Kikcio’s body measurements.

His music career was a success

Rapper Merkules was conceived in Surrey, British Columbia, on September 27, 1992. Merkules has worked hard to gain recognition and establish himself in the music business. His songs are relatable and honest, which is why they are so popular with his fans. Even though he is young, Merkules has already achieved a lot in his short career. His YouTube channel has more than 316 million viewers and his music is played over 50 million times.

As a rapper, Merkules has released multiple albums, and many of them have received positive reviews from fans. Merkules also performs at King of the Dot, a popular rap battle league. Merkules has had back to back hits and his music videos have accumulated over 30 million views. His music career has been very successful and he has a substantial net worth compared with his peers.

Merkules’s love life was complicated. He was once attacked by his classmates during a recording session. Despite this, he has yet to tie the knot and is happily single at the moment. His songs also discuss fake friends and how difficult it is to deal with them. People who know him well will recognize that he was a victim to mental illness and used music as therapy.

The Canadian rapper has a huge following. His songs “Scars”, and “Angry” have accumulated millions upon millions of views on YouTube. His net worth is estimated at $1 million by 2022. Merkules is a successful rapper, with hit albums and extended plays. As a result, he has earned millions in net worth. This impressive sum of money is more than enough for him to live comfortably.

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