Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelly: secrets of a happy union

Many couples do not manage to keep that “spark” in their marriage for years. Romance slowly fades away, and the acuteness of feelings fades. For 62-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, this does not apply. For 26 years they have not taken their eyes off each other. Although the actress knows how to transform into her characters on the screen, two things always remain the same for her – she is true to herself and her beloved husband, screenwriter David Kelly.

Their strange acquaintance took place in 1993. Then Michelle thought that David would be a good match for her sister.

“It was a blind date in a restaurant with other people. The idea of ​​the meeting belonged to me, – the actress recalls. “We didn’t even talk that evening. David talked to my sister, and I talked to his friend. Actually, all this was started specifically for my sister. However, later, after meeting only the two of us, we discovered that we, it turns out, have a lot in common. “

After two months of the relationship, David Kelly invited Michelle to raise her tiny adopted daughter Claudia together, and the actress realized that she was lucky enough to meet her soul mate.

Michelle Pfeiffer shares the secrets of a happy marriage: her husband has been making her happy for 26 years

They married in late 1993 and their son John Henry was born.

Michelle Pfeiffer describes her marriage as follows: “I made the right choice. I was very lucky. Even two decades later, I keep repeating that I have never met a person like my husband. I appreciate his humor, his intelligence, the integrity of his character. After all, if you do not respect your partner, you will get bored very quickly. “

Michelle claims that it is David who knows and knows how to build strong relationships, and only thanks to him that spark that brought them together did not die out.

David himself is laconic: “I’m not going to reveal all our secrets, but the main reason is that we love each other, respect each other and constantly hold hands.”

On the 25th wedding anniversary, the actress shared on Instagram their joint photo and said that her husband still makes her feel like “the happiest girl in the world.” This is not surprising: just notice how loving David Kelly’s eyes glow when he is next to his wife and mother of his two children.

And Michelle Pfeiffer also revealed her cards a little: “In fact, everything happened as follows: when we met, I was skeptical and even cynical and was expecting some kind of trick or trouble. And that never happened. I just couldn’t believe that decent men really exist. And then David has a very amazing sense of humor. And he is such a gifted and truly bright person. It just hit my heart. “

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