Mike Schubert Net Worth

Michael Schubert Net Worth

Michael Schubert, born 31 December 1967 in Germany, is a retired East German weightlifter. He competed in a heavyweight category at the 1988 Summer Olympics and finished fourth; at 1989 World Championships he represented Germany, winning two bronze medals in both snatch and clean & jerk events. Additionally he studied with Arlene Auger Richard Conrad Barbara Honn Jack Lee and George Shirley while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Wittenberg University.

As a singer, Schubert has graced the Cincinnati Opera stage in several roles and appeared as soloist for the National Association of Teachers of Singing national convention. Additionally, he presented a lecture recital at College Music Society Southern Chapter convention and worked as private voice instructor whose students have won multiple competitions, such as Ohio All-State Choir competition.

He is also an accomplished podcaster, with several shows to his credit. Potterless chronicles his journey through all seven Harry Potter books for the first time; it has been featured on multiple podcast charts and garnered critical acclaim by media members. Additionally, he hosts The Newest Olympian – covering Percy Jackson YA book series; Modern Muckraker is his comedy show.

He has achieved fame and recognition through his writing and podcasting work, yet remains private about much of his personal life. While details like relationship status or other details remain confidential, he does enjoy playing video games and attending various sporting events with friends or family members.

He loves cooking, drinking and traveling in his free time, citing Mechanical Engineering at Rice University as his way to fund creative endeavors, hoping that one or more will take off and bring him success.

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