Modern strollers 2014 for newborns – photos, news, trends

Fashion mom chooses the most stylish stroller, so it’s no surprise that this industry has its own fashion trends and novelties. In each new model, the manufacturer improves the product, focusing on customer feedback and the development of competitors.

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We have prepared for you the most detailed review of fashionable strollers 2014 with photos
Fashionable strollers 2014

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Features of fashionable strollers 2014 for kids – what should be in a modern stroller?

Some models of strollers can be easily converted into the most necessary item – cradle-rocking chair… It is enough to remove it from the chassis and move it to another stand.
Features of fashionable strollers 2014

Raised headrest is unlikely to help your child sit in the cradle, but he saves in cold weather. The baby is wearing so many clothes that the head is below the level of the body. The raised headrest balances the horizontal position of the child.
Baby fashion strollers 2014 - features

On the breathable bottom of the stroller there is mattress, and in the head part it is more delicate.
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Hood strollers can be unfastened to eliminate the wig effect in hot weather.
The most fashionable strollers 2014 - photo

For ease and maneuverability, manufacturers use a combination of aluminum and plastic in the chassis
Provided on some models SOFT mode makes the walk comfortable even on a bad road.
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Accessories and colors of fashionable strollers 2014 for newborns

In addition to the standard set – parent bag and raincoat – manufacturers offer new accessories. Some include them in the basic set, while others offer to purchase them separately.

Sun umbrella with UV filter, sleeve or hand gloves on the handrail of the stroller – everyone chooses the necessary element, in accordance with the climate and season.
Accessories of fashionable strollers 2014 for newborns

Colors of fashionable baby carriages 2014

At the height of fashion – huge drawings on the hood of the stroller… The colors themselves have changed slightly, because one consumer prefers a delicate one, another – a bright one, and a third one is completely classic.

There is a trend in the choice Breathable non-impregnated fabric, which is covered from rain or snow with a raincoat.
Colors of fashionable baby carriages 2014

Models of the most fashionable strollers 2014 – which stroller do you choose for your baby?

We can unequivocally say that convertible strollers are losing their popularity… Having equaled in price with multifunctional modular systems, they have lost their main advantage. Today, advanced parents prefer modular and combined systems by type “3 in 1” or “2 in 1”

System “3 in 1” consists of a cradle, a walking block and a car seat, and a stroller “2 in 1” does not have a car seat.

The most popular scheme is “3 in 1”because a car seat can be easily installed on its chassis (the skeleton of a stroller). Why load the trunk with a stroller when you can get by with just a few of its elements?
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Model fans “2 in 1” get a stroller that will serve the baby from birth to the end of the “stroller” period, i.e. up to 3 years.
Fashionable strollers 2014 - photo

The original models of the most fashionable baby carriages of 2014

I’coo Primo Shop and Drive German stroller has a built-in entertainment system equipped with speakers. In it, you can listen to fairy tales, music, or connect an ipod, ipad or player. The excitement does not end there, because this stroller is suitable even for night walks thanks to its LED road light.
I'coo Primo Shop and Drive German stroller

Despite the large space for a child, folded stroller Bloom Zen has compact dimensions. The model is interesting for the presence of headlights and parking lights.

Fashionable stroller for 2014 newborns Bloom Zen

Stylish stroller Cosatto Giggle 2 in 1 thought out to the smallest detail. A striking chassis, an original print, wide adjustment options for different heights, a large basket – an excellent choice for energetic parents.
Fashionable stroller 2014 Cosatto Giggle 2 in 1

Stroller Noordline Edel Leather features elegant eco-leather upholstery. A warm envelope made of natural sheepskin can be used as a blanket or mattress. The high-strength hood has a silent folding system.
Fashionable stroller 2014 Noordline Edel Leather

Stroller Tako Captiva Mohican 2 in 1 has a carrycot with extendable legs that can be used as a sun lounger or a camping bed. Has 2 modes of hard and soft driving for different types of roads.
Stroller Tako Captiva Mohican 2 in 1

Stroller Lonex Classic Ecco 2 in 1 – a real treasure for parents! It has a soft suspension and excellent shock absorption that will easily lull even the most restless toddlers.
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Cosatto Giggle Special Editions 3 in 1 – a beautiful Italian model with many branded accessories and a 4-year warranty.
Cosatto Giggle Special Editions 3 in 1

Cozy stroller Lonex Classic Retro 3 in 1 stands out among others with an unusual cradle made of natural vine.
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Over light stroller Cosatto Supa a lot of designers have worked hard.
Baby fashion strollers 2014

Compact and lightweight stroller EASYWALKER JUNE BLACK will delight active parents – children’s transport can be taken on any trip, it is lightweight and very compact. Folds in and out in one motion. The inflated wheels will give your baby a restful sleep – they are quiet and absorb well on uneven roads. The front wheels swivel 360 degrees for excellent maneuverability, especially in crowded areas or on narrow sidewalks. The carrycot is put on the stroller in one motion. Despite the fact that the stroller is light and compact, it has a full-fledged wide seat, with a well-reclining backrest for the baby’s sleep.


Tricycle 2 in 1 BEBECAR ICON AT has a lightweight aluminum frame. The first twin wheel rotates 360 degrees, which ensures high maneuverability for children. The stroller folds and unfolds conveniently, you can quickly install the seat of the walking block or a cradle on the frame. Therefore, the stroller can be used from the birth of a child – until the age when he gives up walking on wheels.


Deserves special attention stroller 3 in 1 TERIX 3R, which combines several irreplaceable things at once: a carrycot stroller, a walking block and a necessary chair for traveling by private car.
The 12 “rear wheels are inflatable, and the 9” front swivel wheel has good maneuverability, which in turn guarantees excellent driving performance. You can use the stroller in any season, this child transport has well-thought-out functions and capabilities.

3 in 1 TERIX 3R

Stylish 3 in 1 Stroller Elegant Family by Cam mid-range for modern fashion parents. The stroller has an original design and high mobility. The “three in one” set will provide all the necessary means of transport for a baby from birth until the age when he refuses to ride a stroller. The body of the stroller is decorated with rhinestones, which makes it very glamorous and visible on the street.

3 in 1 Elegant Family by Cam

Stroller CAM Dinamico Tris 3 in 1 super convenient for both baby and parents. It can be folded into a book, which makes it easier to store the vehicle in a small home. The set includes a walking block, a cradle, a car seat, as well as a raincoat and a cape on the legs of the child.

  CAM Dinamico Tris 3 in 1

Stroller Hartan Topline X 608 belongs to the elite strollers and has become a well-known popular brand in recent years. Despite the spacious carrycot, which will undoubtedly be comfortable for a newborn in any season, this stroller is very lightweight, and besides, it is maneuverable on any road. The stroller consists of a cradle and a walking block, has a spacious shopping basket, a washable cover, an adjustable footrest for a child.

Hartan Topline X 608

Which stroller did you choose and how did you like it? We will be grateful for your opinion!

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