Olga Buzova broke up with Dava after 10 months of relationship

For two days already, a wave of rumors and conjectures went through the fan accounts of a couple of 34-year-old Olga Buzova and 27-year-old Dava Manukyan: did they really break up, although they had recently vowed to each other in love?

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What makes subscribers think about breaking idols?

The reasons for such speculation were the mysterious publications of the blogger and the lack of joint photos, likes and comments on the artists’ Instagram accounts. And for them, this is a really suspicious phenomenon – usually their pages are full of declarations of love and videos of hanging out together. And since the beginning of the relationship, there is not a single publication that the performers would not like each other!

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“We must find strength and move on”

They began to talk about the discord in the star family when the artist wrote about the betrayal of an unknown “loved one” in his stories this week. The day before, Olya posted a sad story in which she said that “This day will end someday, so much news today”, and Dawa posted the photo, signing it “Everybody smiles, despite sad eyes”thus heating up the rumors.

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Soon, the rapper posted a post, which he deleted almost immediately:

“Sometimes it happens in life when all dreams and hopes collapse at one moment – but this does not mean that there is no point in living further, you just need to take what happened for granted and come to terms … We need to find strength and move on.”

And he finally added fuel to the fire with an excerpt from Olya’s song, which she shared on her social networks: “This is not love, but just hype.”

“Dava is very worried”

But neither Buzova nor Manukyan are in no hurry to openly deny or confirm rumors. However, an insider of the “Popcake” publication, who introduced himself as a friend of David, spoke about his feelings – allegedly in their relationship, sometimes there really are disagreements due to the status of a man.

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“Dava is very worried: despite the multimillion audience, fans, hits and money, he continues to remain in the media only Olga Buzova’s boyfriend, any man cannot but annoy, and even more ambitious David,” the unknown editorial office of the project quotes.

But only recently, less than a month ago, Dava and Olga celebrated a small anniversary: ​​10 months of relationship! The lovers celebrated a round date for a joint romantic dinner by candlelight. No one could have thought that everything could end in rupture … Maybe it’s just a PR move after all?

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