Morganna The Kissing Bandit Net Worth

Morganna the Kissing Bandit Net Worth

Morganna The Kissing Bandit Net Worth

Morganna Roberts is an American entertainer with a net worth of $1 million. She is best known for her role as Morganna the kissing bandit and has appeared on late night talk shows such as Johnny Caron and David Letterman, plus Playboy magazine from 1983-1989. In 1968 she made How I Became a Nudist followed by Riverboat Mama in 1969 followed by Indian Raid, Indian Made the following year (1969). Additionally, in September 2014 E:60 film MORGANNA: The Kissing Bandit premiered on ESPN3.

Biographical Info

Morganna was born in Louisville, Kentucky on July 1954 and is an actress, model, and dancer. She has starred in numerous films and television shows as well as being a guest on Late Night with David Letterman and being featured in numerous advertisements. Morganna is renowned for her love of dancing and passion for fashion alike.

She is best known for her Instagram account, kissmyspiffyness, which she started in 2015. With over 130,000 followers and creating and uploading videos of herself dancing around the world, she has amassed an international following. Additionally, she also has a UNiqueTV Aye YouTube channel where she posts dance videos that have earned her 30,000 subscribers. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors enjoying nature, laughing, eating healthy meals, working out, adventuring and petting pets – all while earning herself accolades along the way!

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