Myostimulation at home is real!

At home, myostimulation is no different from that offered in the salon. You only need to purchase a special device. Devices with at least 4 electrodes (preferably 6-8) are preferred – they are more efficient than tiny two-electrode ones.

Attention! Before doing the procedure at home, carefully study the contraindications to myostimulation and consult your doctor!

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For home myostimulation you will need:

  • a special device for home myostimulation;
  • anti-cellulite cream.

Before attaching the electrodes, it is recommended to lubricate problem areas with anti-cellulite cream. Sometimes such a cream is already included with the device, or the manufacturer indicates the most suitable products. However, you can use your usual anti-cellulite cream, as under the influence of current pulses, the effect of the cream is significantly enhanced, and the cream penetrates the skin better.

Types of myostimulants. Devices and apparatus for myostimulation at home.

One of the most important tasks of organizing the procedure at home is to buy a good muscle stimulator. We will tell you the pros and cons of certain devices, as well as give feedback from those who have already used the device for myostimulation at home.

TOP 3 best muscle stimulants and reviews about them:

Myostimulation at home is a reality!1. ESMA – the latest multifunctional professional muscle stimulator. The basis is three microprocessors, allowing up to 3 independent procedures at the same time. Each procedure is programmed individually.
The device is presented in two basic configurations: standard, without an ultrasound therapy unit and with a built-in dual-frequency ultrasound therapy unit. Both versions of the devices have the entire list of procedures for electrical stimulation, as well as an additional mode – cross current (for a deeper study of the muscles).
ESMA has 8 independent channels, with up to 28 electrodes connected.

Reviews of women about myostimulants ESMA


I recommend the ESMA device! With proper use, a significant result after 1 course (10 procedures).

Christmas tree15:

Unfortunately, you cannot upload your photo here before and after using the device! It’s just some kind of magic! You can talk and praise endlessly, but it’s better to “see once than hear a hundred times.” I can only say one thing – it really works.

Myostimulation at home is a reality!2. Muscle stimulator RIO Slim Gym Compact 4 Plus – the most versatile myostimulator – provides you with a unique opportunity to correct your figure, reduce the size of the waist and hips, tighten the muscles of the buttocks, arms, legs, and improve the shape of the chest.

Reviews of the RIO Slim Gym Compact 4 Plus


Yes, the result is really visible in a few days. Muscles are tightened. There is only one problem – I don’t know where you can buy a conductive gel …

An excellent device, and the result is almost instant. Muscles ache, as if after “pumping” the press. But the problem is that there are not enough electrodes …

Myostimulation at home is a reality!3. Myostimulator Vupiesse Tua Trend Face – the perfect electrostimulating device for the treatment of the face, chin and neck. Each area is stimulated using an individual program TUA TRE’ND Face has 5 work programs.

Reviews of the device Vupiesse Tua Trend Face

Inna 47 years old

Girls, especially women. Appeal to you. Don’t listen to the negative about myostimulation. Nonsense! I bought this device – it costs a penny, compared to the efficiency. I can say one thing – I don’t need a surgical facelift after a myostimulator.

How to buy the right muscle stimulator for your home. Recommendations.

If you decide to purchase a muscle stimulator for home use (for example, after detailed consultation with a physiotherapist and beautician who recommended electrical muscle stimulation for you as an addition to traditional workouts), approach this task very responsibly.

  • Having decided on the store, check if the devices offered to you have quality certificates, a guarantee, detailed instructions in Russian.
  • Also decide on the number of output channels of the device: for physiotherapy, 2 – 4 channels are enough, since only certain muscle areas will be stimulated; up to 10 channels will be needed for body shaping, otherwise the procedures will be ineffective.
  • The level of current in the pulse is also very important – this parameter should be adjusted depending on the area of ​​influence. For the face and neck, it is recommended to use a current of no more than 15 mA, for areas of the figure with pronounced fat deposits – up to 30 mA. More detailed advice should be given by a specialist.


Pay attention to the electrodesincluded with the product you purchase. Usually self-adhesive tissue conductors are used for myostimulation. They cannot be washed or washed, sebum, dead epithelial cells, and mineral salts quickly accumulate on a rough surface. All this reduces the effectiveness of the use of the muscle stimulator and can even lead to electrical burns of the skin. Such electrodes should be disposable (or with a limited period of use), so ask where you will purchase “spare parts” for your equipment in the future. Conductors made of bare metal or carbon, placed in conductive rubber, are more convenient. The highest quality electrodes are made of high-tech siliconewhich is very close to the body and has a very high electrical conductivity.

Video lessons on home myostimulation

Watch the training video on myostimulation and do the procedure without problems at home.

Basics of myostimulation

Myostimulation using the ESMA apparatus -video presentation

Basic rules for carrying out myostimulation at home

  1. Consultation with a specialist for the purchase of a suitable device.
  2. Buying a muscle stimulator.
  3. Determination of the most problematic areas and points on which the electrodes should be installed (it is better to check with the doctor and take a “map” of points!).
  4. Purchase of conductive gels (if the myostimulator is not included in the complete set).
  5. Peeling of the areas of the body on which the electrodes will be installed.
  6. The very procedure of myostimulation.
  7. Wrap (after the myostimulation procedure, it is advisable to wrap or use an anti-cellulite cream).

Have you done myostimulation at home? What muscle stimulator did you buy? Share your experience and advice with us!

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