7 signs you’re emotionally burned out

Emotional burnout is not a joke or a perplexing problem, it can manifest itself in a variety of variations, bring you stress and deprive you of a positive outlook on the world.

Try to learn to recognize such a state and be alert as soon as you begin to feel moral fatigue and look at everything around you as if through a foggy veil. First of all, pay attention to the following signals.

1. You are at the mercy of emotions, even the smallest


When you get to the point where even the smallest negative sensation or emotion threatens to completely unsettle you, know that you have reached the maximum of emotional overload. It’s uncomfortable, but fixable. Consider this a tipping point in a problem that has been aggravated for a long time. You don’t need to “fix” what’s on the surface. Have the courage to see what’s underneath.

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2. You become hypersensitive

Your oversensitivity does not mean that you are simply “overreacting” to things, rather that you are at your limit and can no longer cope with another setback. Instead of channeling the rest of your energy into trying to control everything, sit down and think about why you are so emotionally drained and exhausted. Perhaps you continue to ignore your needs and courageously overcome another obstacle. And this is not true! Instead, look for the cause of your condition.


3. You feel defeated.

Another key sign of emotional exhaustion and burnout is that you look at things from a “it’s all gone” perspective. It may seem to you that nothing will work out for you and will not work out. When you have come to terms with hopelessness, it’s not because your future is vague and hopeless. The fact is that you are trying to define boundaries for yourself, in fact, saying: “That’s it, I can’t take it anymore.”

4. You struggle to find the incentive to move forward.


Aside from feeling hopeless, you also have a hard time figuring out how to move on. You are probably trying to grab onto everything in order to find the right path, but nothing comes of it. You need to organize your thoughts and prioritize, and then start doing something, but gradually and step by step, not all at once. Ask yourself what you need and take care of your needs. Honestly admit to yourself what really bothers you and start working from now on.

5. You are afraid to explode

In this state, you have a low degree of emotional control. The problem is not that you cannot avoid certain triggers that knock you out of your already precarious balance, but that you mistakenly continue to think that you are still able to control everything that happens around you. Again, right now you are at your highest point of emotional overload.


6. You are either too receptive or too closed

You have extreme reactions: you either cry all day for any reason, or it seems to you that you are unable to squeeze out tears at all. When you are stormy and thrown into extremes, start analyzing and “processing” your emotions. This means recognizing how you are feeling, as well as understanding the appropriateness of certain reactions.

7. You consciously or subconsciously want a change

a life

Despite such a depressed mood, you are actually ready for a change and are well aware of this. Deep down, you understand that your life is now stuck in place, and something is clearly broken in it. So, stop denying or ignoring your feelings, and start “rebooting” and updating your system. Your new version of you will definitely be better than the previous one.

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