Nadine Caridi Net Worth

Nadine Caridi Net Worth – How Much Is Nadine Caridi Worth?

Nadine Caridi, better known by her moniker of Duchess of Bay Ridge is both a model and therapist by profession. Born on 24 December 1967 in London England to parents who relocated her when young, Nadine spent most of her childhood years in Brooklyn New York attending John Dewey High School until moving on to Pacifica Graduate Institute to earn both her master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology respectively.

Once her studies were complete, she embarked on her career as a professional therapist. Since then she has assisted both families and individuals to overcome various issues; becoming well-known psychotherapist in her industry. Working from private practice she often draws upon personal experiences for inspiration in her work.

In 1991, she married Jordan Belfort – an infamous stock market trader made his fortune through questionable dealings which led him to be immortalised as part of Martin Scorsese’s film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Unfortunately for them both, however, their marriage would prove short lived: after being charged with fraud in 2001 and imprisoned for 22 months for it; they divorced shortly afterwards in 2005.

During her modeling days, she served as the poster girl for various products like Miller Lite beer. Additionally, she appeared on numerous magazine covers and was considered a top model at that time; however, none of this fame could compare with that garnered through Jordan.

As her ex-husband is a billionaire, he left her with an abundance of wealth upon their divorce. Today, she lives with her second husband and their two children; running a successful company.

She loves relaxing on the beach in her free time, spending time with friends and family, as well as her huge social media following – especially Instagram where she posts photos from daily life – captivating followers with both her beauty and lifestyle; fans especially marvel over her crooked smile which may have been caused by physical abuse from an ex-husband (but she has not confirmed this theory).

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