Natalie Rangel Diaz And John Thomas Diaz

John Thomas Diaz and Natalie Rangel-Diaz are dead after being found shot by police on Friday. The investigation is still underway, but no suspects have been identified at this time. The bodies of the couple were discovered by their grandparents, who have not been identified. The daughter of the couple, who was 32, was found unharmed in the upstairs bedroom. Her body has been released into protective custody.

The couple, who were married for six years, were married for five years and lived in Anaheim. They were found dead in their home on Friday morning. Their 7-month-old daughter was unharmed, and their two children were in the same room. Those who were at the scene described the scene as a horrifying and chaotic one. Although Anaheim police are still investigating the crime, neighbors are shocked by the tragic death of a young couple in their prime.

The couple was married for seven years and had a nine-month-old daughter. They had been babysitters for their 8-month-old daughter and were a loving and supportive couple. They had no history of domestic violence and had no prior police calls. Upon their discovery, their neighbors called the police, who rushed to the scene. While no one is yet suspected, the bodies remain unidentified.

The two were college-educated professionals. They bought their four-bedroom home in December 2011. The couple had no history of domestic violence and had not reported any prior calls to the police. Detectives canvassed the neighborhood and were able to find a handgun near the bodies. The parents’ 7-month-old daughter was also unharmed. Their neighbors are in disbelief, and have yet to determine what caused the deaths.

The couple’s names have been released by their parents. The bodies of John Thomas Diaz and Natalie Rangel-Diaz were found on the first floor of their home. A handgun was found near the bodies. The family’s 8-month-old daughter was unharmed. The couple’s bodies were discovered after firefighters arrived. The fire department and Anaheim Police are investigating the cause of the deaths.

The couple were married for eight years and moved to Anaheim in December. They had no prior domestic violence incidents and a 6-month-old daughter were found unharmed. Investigators are still investigating the death of the couple. The investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been identified. The family is devastated and mourning. Neither Natalie nor John Thomas Diaz’s bodies have been identified.

Natalie Rangel-Diaz and her husband, John Thomas Diaz, were married for eight years and were not expecting a child. The couple had one daughter, Madeline. The couple had no children. The family’s life was ruined by the incident. Both had been devoted to their families. They had a daughter, but their love was also strong.

Despite their tragic circumstances, both victims were found in their home. The deaths of the couple are considered homicides. The couple’s 8-month-old daughter was found unharmed. The couple lived in an apartment in Anaheim. Their family had been together for many years. They had been married for two years. After the tragedy, they remained friends.

The Anaheim Police have not made any arrests yet, but their investigation continues. The couple’s parents are mourning the deaths of their son, John, and daughter. Their family lives in a suburban area in the south of California, and they were married for seven years. They had no children. But Natalie Rangel-Diaz and her husband are mourned by their friends and loved ones.

Julie Thomas, a Metro Net dispatcher, helped the couple’s new daughter enter the world. The two were sitting in the front passenger seat of their SUV when the firemen arrived, while the father was in the back seat holding the newborn. The two other children were in the middle of the SUV, watching. The mother had exhausted herself by the time the firefighters arrived, but the mother could barely talk. The firefighters used a bulb syringe to open the airways of the newborn and a yellow thermal blanket from their OB Kit to warm the infant.

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