Ng Slots Net Worth

NG Slot, a popular casino vlogger, has amassed a net value of $1.3million as of 2022. He is known for sharing his gaming experiences in several casinos in the United States. He held the unofficial record for the highest payout manual jackpot on YouTube. His real name is Narek Gharibyan and he became a US resident in 2015.

NG Slot has more than 6,000 subscribers and a YouTube channel that has over 7,170,000 views. His community is clearly passionate about him and is evident from his social media accounts. His social media pages are full of fan appreciation posts. His videos are also loved by his fans. While most YouTube comment sections are filled with negativity, NG Slot’s have been filled with support. This is a factor in determining NG Slot’s net worth.

Narek makes a minimum of $2,000 a month. He is proud to be a father to three children, despite this. He has been earning from the NG slots channel since it was launched. NG slots also have an average monthly income of $20,000, which is a solid income source for this YouTube personality. This figure is impressive considering that NG Slots is a legitimate business and involves real money. Narek’s net worth is very high in comparison to other YouTubers.

Social Blade currently rates NG Slot’s YouTube channel as a B+. Social Blade estimates that he earns around $2,000 per month from advertising. With a US audience, this amount could easily amount to $10k or $15k a month. His YouTube channel’s earnings could range from $2k to $30,000 USD in a good month. He also has a Patreon page where fans can pledge between $2500 and $1500 per monthly.

Although there are many rumors about fake streamers online, Narek has maintained his reputation as an honest and authentic person. His videos are viewed millions of times. Narek is charismatic and his videos are high quality. They are also full of energy. He also refuses to use clickbait titles for videos. His net worth continues to grow as he wins jackpot after jackpot in his videos. These achievements have helped him gain popularity and recognition.

Narek Gharibyan is responsible for many NG casino slot videos. Since 2006, he has been creating online content and has grown to be one of the most popular gaming-oriented YouTube channels. His net worth as of November 2022 is $1,336,033. His income comes from YouTube ads, affiliate marketing deals and influencer gigs. This makes Narek Gharibyan, the richest vlogger in all of the world.

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