Oksana Grigorieva and domestic violence in marriage with Mel Gibson

Celebrities work hard to make a name for themselves. And if some manage to be remembered for their work, then others spoil their reputation with not the best behavior. Mel Gibson, for example, became famous for his constant visits to the court.

An affair with Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Before Rosalind Ross, with whom the actor now lives, he had an affair with the singer Oksana Grigorieva. They met in 2009, just as Gibson’s wife Robin filed for divorce after a 30-year marriage in which they had seven children. Grigorieva then openly admitted that “Sincerely in love with Mel”. She was so crazy about him that she even became a Catholic “Until I saw who he really was and what he was capable of.”

Over time, their relationship turned into horror and nightmare, according to Oksana. In an interview People She told the details of the quarrel as she held their child in her arms, and Gibson hit her: “I thought he was going to kill me.”

Details of life with Gibson

grigorieva and gibson

Grigorieva also said that Gibson made terrible scenes of jealousy, threatened suicide, and even pointed a gun at her. As a result, she had to start recording all of his threats in order to document the violence. Grigorieva said that the actor repeatedly raised his hand to her, and once struck her so that she had a concussion and a broken tooth.

Gibson, in turn, admitted that he gave Grigorieva a slap in the face, but only so that she would calm down:

“I once hit Oksana in the face with my palm, trying to bring her to her senses so that she would stop screaming and violently shaking our daughter Lucia.”

The actor firmly denies all her other accusations.

Mental disorder


Grigorieva, on the other hand, claimed that domestic violence had a profound effect on her mental health, and she suffered from PTSD for a long time. She also stated that the stress she had to endure caused the development of a tumor in the brain:

“I have been diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma and will need to undergo a very expensive course of treatment in the near future.”

As a result, in 2011, Gibson was sentenced to three years probation, community service and compulsory psychological assistance.

After the incident with Grigorieva, Mel Gibson’s name became associated with domestic violence, he was blacklisted in Hollywood and effectively left without a job. In 2016, the controversial actor and director released his picture “For reasons of conscience”, but the public received the film ambiguously, mainly because of the badly tarnished reputation of the brawler.

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