Ombre Hair: Trend hairstyle for all hair colors

Ombre Hair

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Dark blonde hair with platinum blonde tips or mocha brown hair with caramel highlights: ombré hair is trendy. This is how the hair color trend of the hour works and it is suitable for these hair types.

Ombré hair is one of the trend hairstyles that have proven themselves for years. This is a special color effect in the hair with a dark base and light tips. The contrast can be softer or stronger as you wish. The lighter colored hair tips ensure a fresh look and the hair appears lighter overall. Ombré hair is therefore ideal for freshening up the look without completely changing your hair color.

Advantage: Since the roots are dark, you don’t have to constantly re-dye them like you do with classic bleaching. and the hair is also not so much stressed. Ombré hair is therefore particularly easy to care for and is also suitable for almost all hair lengths and colors, from black to brown and red to blonde. Only particularly light blonde tones are excluded. Here the ombré look can work the other way around – i.e. light roots and dark tips – then one speaks of the so-called “reverse ombré” or two-tone look.

In order to conjure up the color gradient in the hair, light highlights are placed in the hair lengths for the ombre look. However, these do not start at the roots like classic highlights, but are only given from chin height or deeper into the hair tips. For a natural coloring result, the strands should only be three to four shades lighter. If you want stronger contrasts, you can also dig deeper into the color pot.

In contrast to the balayage technique, hair coloring with the ombré technique does not work with individual strands. With the balayage technique, individual strands are worked on freehand with a brush, which vary in length and thickness and are usually only two to three shades lighter than the basic hair color. For the ombre look, on the other hand, the hair is colored from chin height or lower. In this way, the ends of the hair are completely covered. And the color nuances are also chosen more broadly.

If you want a completely natural, sun-kissed look, balayage is a good choice. If you want stronger contrasts and more eye-catching color effects, you should opt for ombré hair.

Anyone who is undecided can also opt for a combination of the freehand technique balayage and the precise foil strand technique, the so-called foilaye. First, individual strands are worked on with a brush and then particularly light accents are set in the tips using the foil technique. This ensures the sunkissed look fresh from a beach holiday.

Bob hairstyles get a cool upgrade with the ombre look and beach waves and curls in particular can be staged particularly well with the color contrast.

But the bright tips also come into their own when pinned up or in a ponytail. A particularly casual variant: half-up hair, i.e. only gather the upper section of hair together, for example into a bun.

Care tip: Lightening the ends of the hair stresses the structure of the hair, so you should apply a conditioner to the ends once a week and have them trimmed regularly. A special tip fluid can also protect the hair from breaking off.

The ombré look also works with unusual trendy hair colors such as grey, rose or lilac. In the case of dark hair, the relevant sections of hair must first be bleached in order to then bring the desired color into the hair.

If you don’t dare to try permanent coloring yet, you can also experiment with washable hair colors. With special hair chalks, you can create versatile ombre looks yourself at home and then simply wash them out again.

Tip: “Kevin Murphy’s ‘Color Bug’ is a no-fuss, temporary fix that works on both light and dark hair.

By the way, we have hairdresser Harry Josh to thank for Ombré Hair. Among other things, he liked to dye the hair of top model Gisele Bundchen in a “fresh from the beach” look. The sun-kissed hairstyle, which he also gave various other models, caught the eye of the US beauty boss of “Vogue”, who then reported about ombre strands in the magazine. This was the beginning of the triumph of light-colored hair tips, which have been among the absolute trend hairstyles for many years. Also very popular for several seasons: Sombré!

As after any other colouration, ombré or balayage hair requires special care so that the hair does not dry out or split ends occur. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, you should always use a heat protection spray before styling. Top fluids that supply stressed hair lengths with care substances are also a good choice. You should also treat your hair to a nourishing hair treatment or mask once a week.

Tip for all women who dye their hair regularly and struggle with split ends and hair breakage: Olaplex! The three-step system is considered a real miracle cure that, thanks to the new active ingredient formula, rebuilds damaged hair from the inside and brings back the shine.

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