Pamela Anderson was married for 12 days and now without debt

Imagine: 30 years of dating, romance, passion, marriage … and in 12 days a divorce. It turns out that it happens!

Wedding in 3 decades

When 52-year-old Pamela Anderson and 74-year-old producer John Peters decided to get married, they probably thought it was forever now. They had known each other for three decades, and both were married four times.


The enthusiastic groom before the wedding did not hide his feelings:

“Pamela has a huge untapped potential as an actress. She has not even begun to shine for real yet. I could choose a wife from many beautiful girls, but I only wished for Pamela for 35 years. She really drives me crazy. “

Divorce in 12 days

Oh, what a fiery romance they had, but after spending only 12 days in marriage, Pamela and John fled. They got married on January 20, 2020, and ended their relationship by early February, before even making it to Valentine’s Day.

Anderson made an official statement:

“I am pleased that you warmly welcomed my alliance with John. But we decided to reconsider what we want from life and from each other. As you know, life is a journey and love is a process. We mutually decided not to issue our marriage certificate. Thank you for your respectful attitude towards us. “

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The decision to part ways was quite unexpected, and the movie star instantly flew to her native Canada just a few days after posting a tender photo with Peters on her Instagram.

Perfect acquaintance

They first met in the mid-80s. According to John Peters, it happened as follows:

“I walked into the bar and saw a little angel sitting at the counter. It was 19-year-old Pammy. I knew she was going to be a megastar. “

Peters proposed to her then, but young Pamela refused the producer, and he replied: “In three decades, the age difference will no longer be so significant.”

He gave up everything for her, and she put debts on him

After their breakup, since they never had time to officially document the marriage, John Peters stated that Anderson was bankrupt when he married her:

“The last nine days with her have been a wonderful celebration of love. But marriage with lawyers and debt scared me. At 74, I need a quiet life, not a loud romance. “


Peters, who once dated Barbra Streisand and called her the love of his life, has lived a reclusive life for the past decade. He claims that Pamela herself asked him to marry her, and he even left his then girlfriend for her:

“I gave up everything for Pam. She had almost 200 thousand dollars in debt, and I paid all the bills. I renewed her wardrobe completely. And such is her gratitude! Only an old fool can be worse than a fool.

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